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Re: Hemming Question

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  • ketamina06
    ... wrote: What period do you do? ... more stiff would make it a bit easier to walk in? ... I m not very
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 7, 2006
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      --- In SCA-Garb@yahoogroups.com, Rebecca Egan <beccaberry@...> wrote:
      > Kat <katdb@...>
      wrote: What period
      do you do?
      > I do 16th century Venetian. Oh and do you think making the hem
      more stiff would make it a bit easier to walk in?
      > Lady Gabriella Rizo

      I'm not very familiar with the period you are working on, but I just
      wanted to comment a bit. I love all the suggestions, especially the
      use of linen to give your hem some 'heft'.

      However, I personally wouldn't stray too far from horsehair braid
      (although any you can easily find is plastic/nylon). It has its own
      degree of stiffness and it flexes, perfect of course for giving hems
      body without too much weight. Perhaps using linen or woven
      interfacing in combination?

      Asking a question here can often generate a lot of options...I learn
      a lot just from reading about solutions to problems or challenges!
      Good luck, and I hope you let us know how it turns out.

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