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Re: [SCA-Garb] Re: smelly fabric ?

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  • Elizabeth Walpole
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      Subject: [SCA-Garb] Re: smelly fabric ?

      > My hat is off to you! Keep those skunks in line, I say! I have heard
      > that tomato juice is good for neutralizing the scent of skunks. But,
      > since I (as of yet) have no son-in-laws, let alone ex-son-in-laws, or
      > experience with other skunks I have not put that remedy to the test.
      > Does the tomato juice stain the fabric?
      > - June
      Well that's where hanging it on the line comes in, the absolute best way to
      get rid of tomato stains is sunlight, I have yet to hear of a commercial
      cleaner that can compete

      Elizabeth Beaumont Elizabeth Walpole
      Politarchopolis, Lochac Canberra Australia

      People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun
      is out, but when the darkness sets in ,their true beauty is revealed only if
      there is light from within.
      Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

      The years that a woman subtracts from her age are not lost. They are added
      to the ages of other women.
      Diane de Poitiers (1499-1566) Attrib.
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