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SCA-Garb:Hungarian Gown (Was:Re: Chemise gathers

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  • Frank Thallas
    Hmmm, if only the guards would turn their backs for a moment.. The gown is a beautiful, puzzling thing. You re right about the collar - it does look
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2000
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      Hmmm, if only the "guards" would turn their backs for a moment..<G>
      The gown is a beautiful, puzzling thing. You're right about the
      collar - it does look meant to be seen in its entirety, but I can't think of
      a single painting, etc, from that era or before or after that shows such a
      huge expanse of
      "underwear". Perhaps an undergown was meant to show through there.....

      curiouser and curiouser

      > It was hard to tell - they did look raglan, but then again any kind of
      > sleeves with wide armholes would look like that with the smocking, I
      > because of the way it was smocked. Nothing in the museum signs or in the
      > book I got on missing panels, but then the signs were a little terse and
      > book has pictures but little commentary on the artifacts itself. I've
      > seen a neckline like that, even with a little triangular panel or
      > on -anything-, though. The Burgundian dresses that have those little
      > are nowhere near as squarely cut, and I can't imagine how you could have a
      > panel or a stomacher in there and have it look normal. Besides, the tawny
      > collar looks intentional, like it's meant to show, which says to me it
      > shouldn't have a pinned-on stomacher ala early Tudor or anything. I just
      > don't know what to think about this dress - but especially in person it's
      > -sooo- cool! I did take quite a few more notes on the construction of the
      > overdress, if anybody's curious - my main frustration is that the belt
      > dosen't allow you to see if the skirt is gathered on or just cut so that
      > widens with the help of these somewhat confusingly odd gores. It looks
      > it's a combination of both, though - it was difficult to see how the
      > was matched or not, however, because of the drape of the dress.
      > Sara
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