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Re: [SCA-Garb] Book information request

  • Catherine Olanich Raymond
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      > On Friday, October 11, 2013 2:32 AM, Arianwen ferch Arthur wrote:
      > A friend has asked me abouta New book she saw advertised in
      > /Medieval Warfare/ magazine. It is entitled *Rich Man*-*Poor-Man*,
      > and is
      > (Snipped by mod. Trim your replies.)

      According to the ad, the book is published by the same Dutch company
      that publishes Medieval Warfare--Karwansaray Publishers. They will sell
      you a copy, but it's expensive. Normal price is 49,50 Euros ($67.11
      USD) but they have it on sale right now for $53.89 USD. Check out
      www.kp-shop.com . They take Paypal.

      The shipping estimator for the shopping cart at kp-shop.com estimates
      shipping to me, in the Philadelphia area of the US., at $24.39. So
      even on sale the total cost of the book is close to $80, but it *is*
      available if you have the money and want the book badly enough.

      Cathy Raymond
      (610) 805-9542

      "Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future."
      - Oscar Wilde

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