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  • Interesting! I knew PVC bows were not allowed for combat archery, but this is the first I've heard that they were banned for target archery as well. I too would be interested in details regarding the failures. Randal
    randal_of_camusfearna@... Oct 29, 2014
  • ...remaining to be Approved) Shoot Begins: Wednesday, June 25, 2014... View on www.scores-sca.org Preview by Yahoo Yours in Service, Randal of Camusfe├árna West Kingdom Royal Archer
    Randal of Camusfearna Jul 18, 2014
  • Jonathas, From my conversations with Sir Jon I evidently misunderstood what needed to be reported. I thought only the hits to the 3" circles were being tracked (since the surface area of the other target areas varies from one slot type to another), in addition to total score for the shoot. Shall I remove the three boxes for total bulls eyes, combined for all distances per each slot...
    randal_of_camusfearna@... Jun 26, 2014
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  • Please review my proposed Slots scorecards and let me know what you think. YIS, Randal
    randal_of_camusfearna@... Jun 25, 2014
  • I was working on one with Sir Jon, but hesitated to share it after the other one was posted. Let me tweak it just a little, and I'll post it later today. YIS, Randal
    randal_of_camusfearna@... Jun 25, 2014
  • Cam, You are too quick! I've just finalized a score sheet for the shoot, but must admit yours is simpler! However, you should add a spot to record the age of youth shooters, as it is required to submit their scores. Randal of Camusfearna
    randal_of_camusfearna@... Jun 24, 2014
  • Gaelen, Slots is the Summer SSAC shoot, which begins on July 1st. I don't believe Yin/Yang scores would be accepted from the 12th. Randal
    randal_of_camusfearna@... Jun 24, 2014
  • ...could be used, so that the scoring area is the same for all three slots. This would reduce the scoring, but increase the challenge. Randal of Camusfearna West Kingdom Royal Archer
    randal_of_camusfearna@... Jun 15, 2014
  • ...reviews on the Zen matts, I wanted the archery community to be aware of this issue with one of the alternative suppliers. YIS, Randal of Camusfearna
    Randal of Camusfearna Jun 13, 2014
  • ...areas, I plan to discuss this idea with the Kingdom Earl Marshal to see whether something can be implemented in the West. YIS, Randal of Camusfearna West Kingdom Royal Archer
    randal_of_camusfearna@... Jun 7, 2014