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  • > Royal Rounds do not indicate the quality of an archer in a > competetive environment. Most people that can do well in practice can be taught to well in an competitive environment and just because a person does well in a competitive event doesn't mean they had any competition. Michael
    hanhebin Aug 8, 2003
  • >> It did not matter to my patterns whether the arrow spun left or >> right. That's all the difference which wing feathers makes. Last year I did alot of experiementation on fletching and if you move the target out 50 or 60 yards and you'll the start seeing the difference. I numbered each shaft shooting cedar shafts and X7s, mixing left and right wing in my quiver. I noted that the...
    hanhebin Aug 6, 2003
  • > For thouse not up on modern archery she is one ot eh top NCAA > archers with compond bow. Has shot at 1401 FITA Would be surprised to any compound shooters get more than 4 shots off during a speed round. Back tension releases are definitely slower than shooting with a clicker. Michael PS> I've seen Mary shoot and she would definitely ace the static distances.
    hanhebin Aug 6, 2003
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  • > Could it be the bow? YES!!! (also the arrows) You can fix any of these problems but they will reduce your score in FITA competition. PLUNGER * Tends to Over-correct bad shots in the speed round. * Plunger will kill your shot if you shot through your index feather. FLIPPER REST * You need to go to something like a Bider rest to improve your speed round shooting as your magnetic...
    hanhebin Aug 6, 2003
  • ...shooting against the rank and file SCA archer and shooting against the best archers in kingdoms like An Tir, East or Midrelm. Michael hambergs (at) xmission (dot) com PB Indoor FITA 586 Outdoor FITA 1252
    hanhebin Aug 6, 2003
  • > The minimum qualifying score as mandated by FITA is 1200 points on > a FITA round or 600 on a 70 meter round. Of course there is a lot > more to it than that. You have to make it to the olympic trials and > then be one of the finalists. It is a long difficult road and also > inappropriate for this list. Nevertheless, good luck. Very appropriate for this or any other archery list...
    hanhebin Aug 1, 2003
  • http://www.usarchery.org/news/News%20Releases/2004%20Olympic%20Bid% 20Packet.pdf Now if my shoulder will just stay healed, it should be no problem shooting a qualifying score. Michael
    hanhebin Jul 30, 2003
  • > Nice shooting:) What do you typically score with your traditional > equipment? Thanks! I only use my traditional equipment when I'm teaching my lady how to shoot. Shoot around 27 at 20 yards but I probably won't be shooting traditional after June 19th of next year. Michael
    hanhebin Jul 28, 2003
  • > Now I promised to get back to archery. I was on my college team at > the time and was told of this by my coach. We tried it for a > couple weeks. We shot our normal practice but about half of us did > the mental image thing - ten perfect imaginary shots, each at a > brand new target. Step to the line, nock the arrow, raise the bow, > set the site window, ..., perfect follow...
    hanhebin Jul 27, 2003
  • > Yes you must learn from each lose to make the next better NEVER, EVER reinforce a bad shot by rehersing what you did wrong. You need to rephrase your negative behavior by saying the correct technique. You will improve your archery technique faster by rehersing a single positive and destroy it faster by dwelling on anything else. Michael
    hanhebin Jul 27, 2003