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A Shoot for Period Targets

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  • smuth22664@aol.com
    Last weekend at Rokkehealden Silver Tourney we spent most of the day shooting Ottokar s Archery Bocce . I don t like using mundane 5 color targets at events
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2002
      Last weekend at Rokkehealden' Silver Tourney we spent most of the day
      shooting "Ottokar's Archery Bocce". I don't like using mundane 5 color
      targets at events so I invented a period style "nearest to the center" type
      shoot. I have seen some documentation that there were laws passed in England
      (I think it was 1511 or so) to inhibit archers from playing Lawn Bowls or
      games like Bocce. It seems likely that these archers could have applied the
      rules of Bocce to archery using period targets (Clout and Prick).

      The targets I used were a 22" white circle with a 2" black dot in the center.
      Each archer gets 4 arrows. The first archer shoots from their supply of
      arrows until they get one on the target. The second archer then steps in and
      shoots until they get an arrow closer to the center than the first. The first
      archer steps back up and tries to beat that. This goes on until one or the
      other runs out of arrows. The other archer then finishes shooting any arrows
      they have left. Only the archer with the arrow nearest the center gets any
      points. They get one point for each arrow closer to the center than their
      opponents best shot. For the next round the second archer gets to shoot
      first. The game is played until one archer scores 8 points or better.

      At first there was some reluctance to try this new game but eventually
      everyone wanted to turn it into a tournament. Even people who ONLY shoot at 5
      color targets. One person even brought some of their own targets and never
      put them up.

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