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IKAC Report - May

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  • Andre Detommaso
    Greetings from Lord Lorenzo il Confuso, Keeper of the IKAC. NOTE: This report is generated for the Internet archery audience. The report that will be printed
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2002
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      Greetings from Lord Lorenzo il Confuso, Keeper of the

      NOTE: This report is generated for the Internet
      archery audience. The report that will be printed in
      the Kingdom newsletters may have less information, or
      concentrate on information specific to each Kingdom.

      NOTE 2: We are looking for period shoots to include in
      an upcoming Complete Anachronist! Please help us in
      this important endeavor. If you have a shoot that you
      know or believe is period, please send it to
      shoots@.... Thanks in advance for your help!

      The standings as of 12 May are as follows:

      IKAC Open Division
      1. OUTLANDS: 243; Daniel Larke of Fletcher's Glen:
      263; Robert of Lakehurst: 244; William Hawke of
      Warwikshire: 222.
      2. AN TIR: 223.3; Loric MacLoughlin: 240; Thorfinn
      Kolsson: 223; Charles de Beaumont: 207.
      3. WEST: 201.7; Wee Brusi: 246; Egill Hrafnarson: 180;
      Sigmund Spellmann: 179.
      4. ARTEMISIA: 192.0; Owen apHowell: 284; Gilana
      Attewatyr: 166; Catherine enish McCarrig: 126.
      5; CALONTIR: 172; Jon Tristam: 206; Halla Guliagra:
      166; Einarr Haldrhund: 144.
      6. ANSTEORRA: 165.7; Lughaidh Mac Sheonin: 202;
      Jacques the Spink: 153; Owen Hell: 142.
      7. ATLANTIA: 152.7; Gregge the Archer: 225; Gwenhwyvar
      Ywein: 118; Feilenn MacFergus: 115.
      8. MIDREALM: 152; Galen the Mad: 175; Eve Stoneheart:
      160; Fritz Bare: 121.
      9. ATENVELDT: 148.3: Bran Padrick: 258; Edward of
      Cornwall: 94; Richeal: 93.
      10. TRIMARIS: 66.3; Ann of Blackthorn: 96; Chabi
      Merkat: 62; Ronin: 41.
      11. EAST: no average; Rupert the Unbalanced: 293.

      IKAC Open Crossbow Division
      1. AN TIR: No average. Bjorn Kolbjornsson: 238.
      1. ATLANTIA: no average; Karl Helweg: 238.
      3. ATENVELDT: no average; Arminius: 218.
      4. WEST: no average; Koranada Tomodashi: 215.

      IKAC Period Division
      1. OUTLANDS: 172; Rand the Tracker: 240; Robert of
      Lakehurst: 152; Meadhbh Daingen Int Sleb: 124.
      2. WEST: 114.3; Josi de la Tour: 184; Sebastian
      Greenbow: 146; Pulsifer: 14.
      3. TRIMARIS: no average; Crevan of Leinster: 174;
      Erika Bjonsdottir: 162.
      4. AN TIR: no average; Loric MacLoughlin: 256; Khulan
      Shizir: 56.
      5. CAID: no average; James of the Lake: 128; Katherine
      of Anglesey: 80.
      6. MIDREALM: no average; Grant Graeme de Menteith:
      7. ANSTEORRA: no average; Lughaidh Mac Sheonin: 158.
      8. ATENVELDT: no average; Duncan: 138.

      IKAC Period Crossbow Division
      1. MIDREALM: 279.3; 1. Alan of Caerlaverock: 314; 3;
      James Cunningham: 300; Dorinda Scorpione: 224.
      2. ATENVELDT: 234; Bran Padrick: 288; Owen Blackshepe:
      226; Arminius: 188.

      1. WEST: no average; no weapon type reported; Karius
      of Lochford: 301; Hanbal al Barbary: 241.


      Since this is for the Internet audience, and space is
      not an issue, I thought I would take the opportunity
      to pass along more information:

      - I was very pleased to see results from both Estrella
      and Gulf Wars. Thanks very much to those marshals who
      took the time to run an IKAC at the wars. I hope I
      will get results from Pennsic and Lilies as well when
      the time comes.
      - I am instead distressed that no IKCAC scores have
      come in except for the two reported above. I know that
      the IKCAC has been much discussed in the SCA Combat
      Archery list. Once again, please take a moment to send
      me your suggestions on changes you would like to see,
      then go out and shoot one! You have an opportunity to
      represent your Kingdom.
      - I am just heading back from a business trip (writing
      this in the airport waiting for my twice-delayed
      flight). The scores above will not reflect anything
      that will have been submitted in the past week. Do not
      worry however, I will enter all pending scores during
      the first part of next week.
      - I welcome everyone's suggestions, comments and
      criticisms regarding the competitions and the web
      site. Please keep them coming.

      Complete rules, score sheets, target pictures, links
      to target suppliers and the top scores for each archer
      are available from the IKAC web site at

      Shoot well!
      - Lorenzo (ikac@...)

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