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RE: [SCA-Archery] Mundane Laws and Crossbows

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  • Guy Taylor
    Good evening to you, Alberic. You raise good points. But just to clarify a wee bit... The range I mentioned bans both crossbows *and* broadheads so you may be
    Message 1 of 42 , May 1, 2002
      Good evening to you, Alberic. You raise good points.
      But just to clarify a wee bit... The range I mentioned bans both crossbows
      *and* broadheads so you may be thinking of a different range than Mile
      Square Park. We don't have a phone book target for broadheads either,
      although I'm sure the local hunters would appreciate one (I know I would).

      As I did state in a previous post, we frequently do get permission to have
      crossbows at our Gyldenholt archery events and this year is no exception.
      The Gyldenholt Archery Championship will be held on June 1st and crossbows
      will be welcome. Please see
      http://www.sca-caid.org/calendar/EventDetails.lasso?IDSearch=318 for more

      I honestly don't see the deal with the crossbow hatred. As for mundane
      ranges griping about excessive target wear, I am sure that most modern
      compounds have more energy than most modern crossbows. Besides, an arrow
      goes through a target bale... so what? My 45# recurve is currently going
      through many of the bales at the range because they are so worn. I don't
      see my arrows doing any further significant damage. And aren't target bales
      supposed to be somewhat expendable? If you want the bale to last a long
      time build it of cinder blocks!


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      > Greetings:
      > As a builder of crossbows, and a current denizen of Caid, I've run
      > across a fair bit of trouble over using them. As someone ?Taliear?
      > mentioned, the range down in orange doesn't permit them because they
      > might shred the targets. But compound bows firing broadheads are
      > just fine. (They've got one butt that's built of a wall of dead
      > phone-books. Broadheads good, crossbows bad. I talked to the ranger
      > in charge of the range the last time I went down there, and the
      > "crossbows shred targets" bit was the policy. Explaining the
      > difference between crossbows and compounds, and what broadheads do
      > didn't seem to interest him. I gave up before I dug anybody any
      > holes.)
      > That being said, the SCA crowd down there does hold one of the *very*
      > few crossbow friendly events in Caid. (Thanks guys, when's the next
      > one?)
      > Mundanely, I'm in Santa Barbara, and as far as I can tell, I can't
      > get a crossbow onto a regular range anywhere within 50+ miles of me.
      > I can cheerfully drive up into the hills and shoot into a cliff face,
      > but that's purely until/unless an over eager ranger decides to arrest
      > me. (These days, not a risk I'm eager to take.) The few regular
      > archery ranges around this neck of the woods (above the grade, for
      > you LA types.) don't permit crossbows, largely because they think I'm
      > going to shred their targets. The range owners I've talked to are
      > sometimes slightly interested in making an exception, but their other
      > stated goal is to keep out the kids with the whammo wrist rockets,
      > and the pistol crossbows, mostly because they don't like the sort of
      > person they percieve to be the likely owner of said toys.
      > Essentially, they're trying to keep out the wannabe ninjakinder.
      > For what it's worth, crossbows are legal in California, but nearly
      > impossible to do anything *except* hunt with. (Unless you're the
      > lucky owner of enough land to put up your own targets. Something of
      > a rarity in this part of the world.)
      > FWIW,
      > Alberic
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    • wyvern@megahits.com
      ... I was commenting only on CT laws -- YMMV. =) YIS, Macsen
      Message 42 of 42 , May 2, 2002
        On 3 May 2002 at 1:43, hanhebin wrote:

        > I would recheck these facts because unless you have some kind of
        > special permit you can still be cited for illegally tranporting a
        > weapon to and from a practice. Here in Utah transporting a strung
        > crossbow and bolts even in the trunk of your car is classified as
        > transporting a loaded weapon.

        I was commenting only on CT laws -- YMMV. =)

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