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Re: Fixing bow with set

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  • Carl West at home
    ... I would recommend not trying to un-do the set in the bow, That s what the wood did, it ll do it again (if it doesn t blow up first. Years ago, I tried to
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 3, 1999
      James Koch wrote:
      > From: James Koch <alchem@...>
      > I recently bought a bow via Ebay. It is a youth bow for a tiny local lady
      > who has been borrowing one of my 15 pound kids bows. She was unable to
      > draw any of my grown up equipment, even the wimpy long bow I loaned out to
      > a 16 year old girl at Pennsic. The woman in question has a 25 inch draw.
      > I figured with a bit of practice she ought to be able to pull a bow rated
      > 25 pounds at 25 inches and compete in most shoots. This is exactly what is
      > written on the riser of the bow I obtained from Ebay. Unfortunately when I
      > placed it on a bow scale I got 19 pounds at 25 inches. It has quite a bit
      > of curve without the string and I figure it must have been left strung for
      > a long period of time and has consequently taken a set. I'm sure the woman
      > will like it. It's a beautiful straight shooting little Eastern European
      > looking bow with nice faux horn nocks on the tips. However, she will
      > probably soon want that extra missing 5 to 6 pounds of draw.
      > >
      > Has anyone out there had any luck retillering such a bow. This is a 1970s
      > vintage wood and fiberglass recurve. I have retillered all wood bows
      > before, but have never had experience with composites. I figure I can
      > flatten it out by simply clamping it to a board, but don't know if I'll
      > gain anything for the effort, or how long I'll have to wait.

      I would recommend not trying to un-do the set in the bow, That's what
      the wood did, it'll do it again (if it doesn't blow up first. Years ago,
      I tried to un-set my 60# fiberglass-backed lemonwood bow by gently
      flexing it backward and soon thereafter it failed catastrophically. _At_
      inspection at Pensic. The upper limb just bent right over.)

      How long is the bow? how much set does it have? Shortening it is
      probably the best route. Even better would be to try a different bow. :/


      Carl West

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