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Re: Proposal for a fourth Peerage(long)

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  • John Rockwell
    Greetings Lord Macsen I salute and applaud you, for I agree with you. Here in the Kingdom of Atenveldt I know of Peers that enjoy archery if not fulltime,but
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 30, 1999
      Greetings Lord Macsen

      I salute and applaud you, for I agree with you. Here in the Kingdom of
      Atenveldt I know of Peers that enjoy archery if not fulltime,but parttime.
      Lets see now In the Baronies of Atenveldt and SunDragon there are at least 4
      Laurels and 4 Pelicans that I can think of off the top of my head. And There
      are some Knights who come out and shoot with us on occication.

      My thoughts:

      I feel if we the Archers of the KnownWorld approch the Peers and offer our
      services to them. So that they can learn the joy of feeling the bow come
      alive in the palm of their hand.
      To know the joy of knowing that they made the bow string and/or arrows they
      are shooting. Then the peers will start to understand. We all know the
      feeling when we step on the field and shoot, How do you describe it to a
      person who has never done it.

      Does any one remember the first time they hit the gold? Or the feeling of
      accomplishment the first time they hit the target? I do, I see it at least
      once a month when I have a new archer come out and play. These are the
      things in my opionion that we should share with everyone.

      This spring I was given a great honor I was a capanion of the Azure
      Archer. This is the highest award for Archery in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.
      I got this award because I approched Knights, Laurels, and Pelicans and
      offered my services so they could learn the sport of Archery.

      IN short we the Archers need to talk with the peers and invite them to come
      and checkout what we are doing.

      the mind is racing faster than the fingers

      Go in Peace
      Lord Ian Griffen the Archer
      Captian of Archers Barony of Atenveldt.

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      > From: "Bob & Nancy Upson" <wyvern@...>
      > > with a bow, scouting, or are a great melee fighter.) The Laurels say
      > > don't know enough about traditional archery, or Siege craft to be able
      > > give a fair comment on their displays, and when a person spends untold
      > This problem is not unique to the martial arts, I hear the same
      > complaint about less well known fine arts as well. the solution is
      > to educate the Laurelate -- not create our own self congratulatory
      > peerage.
      > > serving a Kingdom with hosting arrow-making parties, autocrating several
      > > schools and events based on archery, and endless other duties in that
      > > for example but the Pelicans say: sorry Archerys not that important to
      > > Kingdom. Is it fair to them after all of the hardwork to be told sorry
      > > don't think a peerage for this persons specialized talent is
      > Educate the Pelicans. In some kingdoms it's already happening.
      > Like all worthwhile things, it's worth waiting for peerage recognition
      > to mature on its own rather than trying to force the issue by
      > creating another specialty peerage out of the blue.
      > > that peerage. It happens in all three orders. But why are those whose
      > > on Horseback, Archery, Scouting or Rapier Arts to be excluded from
      > That isn't the case across the whole of the SCA, it's a kingdom
      > level problem where it exists. The people practicing unheralded
      > skills in those kingdoms need to educate their fellows -- not lobby
      > for a legislative cure from the SCA, Inc.
      > Macsen
      > > This list sponsored by House Wyvern Hall
      > of Barony Beyond the Mountain, East Kingdom
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