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Re: [SCA-ThrownWeapons] Proposal for a fourth Peerage(long)

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  • Bob & Nancy Upson
    ... Dear God, Jon, will this idea ever die? IMNSHO, it stunk on ice the last (dozen) time it came up and it ll stink on ice again. We *don t* need another
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 1999
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      > I am putting together a proposal for a fourth peerage to be sent to the
      > SCA BOD for their January meeting. It will be for skill in the related
      > fields of non tournament martial activities, such as: Archery, equestrian,
      > fencing, thrown weapons and war combat. War combat would include: Missile
      > combat, siege engines, scouting, etc.

      Dear God, Jon, will this idea ever die? IMNSHO, it stunk on ice the
      last (dozen) time it came up and it'll stink on ice again. We *don't*
      need another 'specialty' peerage. We have too many already but
      we'll never *reduce* the number we have. How about we work to
      use the existing system to its fullest rather than adding more
      mistakes to an already horrendous award system?

      > I have set up a mailing list for discussion of this topic on Onelist. If
      > you are interested in discussing this topic please subscribe to the list.
      > This way, the discussion will all be on a single list rather than split all
      > over the sca archery, equestrian, fencing, missile combat, thrown weapons
      > and siege lists.

      *phew* =)
      > To subscribe to the list, all you have to do is send a blank message to:
      > sca-4peerage-subscribe@onelist.com
      > If you know of others that would be interested in participating in this
      > discussion, please pass this information on to them.
      > Please take formal discussion of this to sca-4peerage, so that your
      > opinion can be shared with all those interested and not be limited to just
      > this list.
      > One point I would like to have discussed is: If non tournament heavy
      > weapons such as pikes, should be included under war combat as well.
      > Please hold off discussion of this until Oct 4th. This will allow more
      > people to join before the discussion starts. Also, I will be gone for the
      > weekend for West Crown Tourney.
      > Thank you, I hope that you will join in this discussion.
      > Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf, O.L.,O.P., etc
      > West, Esffen
      > The following is not official policy of the office of the SCA Archery or
      > Earl Marshals.
      > *************************************************
      > A
      > FOR
      > THE ART OF WAR
      > (draft #2 9/27/99
      > There is a gap in the SCA peerage system. It is the area
      > including those involved in the arts of war, such as: Fencing, target archery,
      > equestrian, and non tournament war combat.
      > The Order of Chivalry covers tournament combat. The laurel covers
      > the arts and sciences. The Pelican covers service. But, those people
      > whose skills lie outside of these areas have no society wide recognition
      > at this level. This is an imbalance that should be corrected.
      > The arts of war are uniquely important in the SCA because they are the
      > basis for the most common interaction between kingdoms - the interkingdom
      > wars and the multikingdom wars (Pennsic, etc).
      > Yes, you can get a Laurel if you make the equipment for these
      > activities, or a Pelican if you train others and organize these
      > activities. But, unlike the Order of Chivalry, which is awarded for skill
      > with the basic weapons of tournament combat as practiced in the SCA, you
      > can not get recognition for your high skill in these areas. It would be
      > as if, in tournament combat, you could only get a knighthood for making
      > armor or weapons, marshaling, teaching fighters or writing papers on
      > medieval combat, but not for your skill on the field of combat.
      > The intent of this proposal, to be sent to the BOD, is for a new peerage
      > order to provide recognition for those whose outstanding skills lie outside
      > the current peerage orders. This is in the areas of: Equestrian activities,
      > fencing, target archery, thrown weapons and war combat. War combat would
      > include non tournament martial activities such as: missile combat, siege
      > engineering and scouting. All of these can be placed together under the
      > heading of the arts of war.
      > A suitable name and badge for this order has not yet been worked
      > out, that will come later.
      > The new order would have the same general requirements as the
      > other peerages. The following is from the Corpora, section VII Personal
      > awards and titles.
      > A. Patents of arms
      > 1. General requirements. Candidates for any order conferring a
      > Patent of Arms must meet the following minimum criteria.
      > Additional requirements may be set by law and custom of the
      > kingdoms as deemed appropriate and necessary by the Crown. .
      > a. They shall have been obedient to the governing
      > documents of the society and the laws of the kingdom.
      > b. They shall have consistently shown respect for the
      > Crown of the kingdom.
      > c. They shall have set an example of courteous and noble
      > behavior suitable to a peer of the realm.
      > d. They shall have demonstrated support for the aims and
      > ideals of the Society by being as authentic in dress,
      > equipment and behavior as is within their power.
      > e. They shall have shared their knowledge and skills with
      > others.
      > f. They shall have practiced hospitality according to
      > their means and as appropriate to the circumstances.
      > g. They shall have made every effort to learn and
      > practice those skills desirable at and worthy of a
      > civilized court. To this end they should have some
      > knowledge of a wide range of period forms, including
      > but not limited to literature, dancing, music,
      > heraldry and chess, and they should have some familiarity
      > with combat as practiced in the Society. They should
      > also participate in Society recreations of several
      > aspects of the culture of the Middle Ages and
      > Renaissance.
      > As taken from the Corpora the duties of the members of the order
      > would include:
      > a. To set an example of courtesy and chivalrous conduct.
      > b. To respect the Crown of the kingdom; to support and
      > uphold the laws of the kingdom and the governing documents
      > of the Society;.
      > c. (If the member has sworn fealty to the Crown) To
      > support and uphold the Crown of his or her kingdom.
      > d. To enrich the kingdom by sharing his or her knowledge
      > and skills.
      > e. To advise the Crown on the advancement of candidates
      > for the (name of the order).
      > The specific requirements (adapted from the Corpora) for the order would be:
      > a. The candidate must have attained the standard of
      > excellence in skill equal to that of his or her prospective
      > peers in some area of the art of war.
      > The definition of the art of war would be included in the Corpora as:
      > Non tournament martial activities include the following
      > areas: Target archery, fencing, equestrian activities,
      > thrown weapons and war combat. War combat includes: combat
      > missile weapons, siege engines and scouting.
      > > This list sponsored by House Wyvern Hall
      > of Barony Beyond the Mountain, East Kingdom
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