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  • jameswolfden
    With the Lord of the Rings movie opening up, I tried a fun shoot at our local indoor practise where we shoot at creatures from The Hobbit. I borrowed the idea
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 21, 2001
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      With the Lord of the Rings movie opening up, I tried a fun shoot at
      our local indoor practise where we shoot at creatures from The
      Hobbit. I borrowed the idea from the Compagnia del Fiore d'Argento,
      an italian based Medieval Archery Company modifying the rules

      While I admit that this has a bit of a D&D feel, the shoot could be
      easily modified to use creatures from a medieval bestiary for use in
      an SCA event.

      The basic idea is for the archer to kill the creature or creatures on
      his target face. Failing to kill the creature results in damage being
      taken by the archer. Each creature was assigned a kill point value
      and all archers started out with 20 points. If the archer failed to
      score the kill points on the creature, he took the difference between
      his score and the kill points required in damage. For example, if the
      creature required 15 points to kill and the archer scored 12, he took
      3 points of damage. We shoot 3 arrows per end at our indoor range so
      I chose my kill points based on this. Once an archer lost all 20
      points they were eliminated for that round.

      Since we were shooting indoors at close range, I was able to print
      off all the targets using standard paper sizes available at my work
      (11 x 17 maximum size). I made up targets as follows:

      Trolls ( 1 troll on legal-sized paper) 15 Kill Points
      Orcs (1 orc on letter sized paper) 10 kill points
      Wargs (2 wargs on letter sized paper) 5 kill points each
      Spiders (3 spiders on letter sized paper) 2 kill points each
      Smaug (1 dragon on 11 x 17 paper) special kill points

      These were the nasties that Bilbo encountered on his journey. The
      order doesn't really matter but it is nice to pull Smaug out at the
      end to wrap up the shoot. For all the targets except Smaug, I printed
      3 copies of each and posted them at the butts (one butt had three
      troll target, another had three orc targets, etc.).

      I kept scoring simple. Five points for a direct hit and two points
      for cutting the outside line. With three target faces on each butt,
      we could have three archers shooting at each butt. Each picked a
      different target to shoot at and scored all arrows on that target
      face whether shot by themselves or one of the other archers in the
      group. This was partially done to penalize but also provided an
      archer who had made his kill to help out another archer. While
      shooting at the Orcs, the archer beside me fired her first arrow
      directly into my Orc. I killed the orc with my next shot and had two
      arrows left. I fired one into her orc (returning the favour) and
      fired my third at the remaining Orc (which my lady was shooting at).

      Each of spiders or wargs on the multiple targets sheets need to be
      killed individually. If you drop all three arrows into one warg, you
      take a full 5 points of damage from the remaining warg.

      If there are any survivors remaining after the first four targets,
      they get to shoot against Smaug. Smaug is done as a team shoot and it
      is up to the remaining archers to take down Smaug together. For
      Smaug's Kill points, I gave him 10 times the number of surviving
      archers. Damage is calculated as usual but each archer takes the same
      damage. It is not divided. So if Smaug's kill points were 30 and the
      archers scored a 24 collectively on him, then each would take 6
      points damage.

      I thought it was interesting to note that even though many of the
      archers had been shooting at the 40 cm FITA target earlier that
      evening and dropping most of their arrows into the gold, they didn't
      fare as well against the creatures. Even the troll which took up most
      of the 8.5x14 paper and I thought would be an easy target was
      sometimes totally missed by all three arrows.

      James Wolfden
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