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  • Neil Bensen
    Event Plug.......... Given the recent hot topic on events and fees, I d like to post the event announcement again. And, I d like to happily say that the cost
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 1999
      Event Plug..........

      Given the recent hot topic on events and fees, I'd like to post the
      event announcement again. And, I'd like to happily say that the cost of
      this wonderful archery/family event is $9 adult, $5 children (under 3
      free) and this includes feast!! Those who wish to pre-reg save $1 per
      person, and family rates are available. IMPORTANT: If you are planning
      on attending, if you could please drop me a note at megb@... so that
      we can make sure ample food is prepared. If your dietary needs are
      restrictive, please let me know.

      The archery range will include all your favorites, and the kids will
      also be encouraged to participate on the main range as well as having
      their own advancing warrior range. Their will be an open Thrown Weapons
      Range, a fabulous Heavy Weapons tourney, and did I mention the fencing?
      Our Marshal of Fence, Lord Christian Woolfe, will preside over a morning
      tourney which I am sure will be different and fantastic (anyone remember
      his Leper Tourney?) and will then coordinate the Malagentian Children's
      Champion of Fence Tourney. This special tourney will consist of fencers
      chosen by each child, who presents their favor made that day to their
      champion who then proceeds into the tourney.

      We will also have dancing most of the day, as serenaded by our rather
      large Malagentian Musician's Guild, the DiSonatas. This event will
      happen no matter what the weather, as we have a nice indoor hall
      (rustic, but really nice!)

      The feast in the late afternoon is tentatively planned as a German
      buffet, including sausages and sauerkraut. The site is discreetly wet,
      so bring on the brew!!

      Hope to see you there ~
      Lady Marcella neyn Gylys, Autocrat


      The leaves become a fiery landscape of gold, red, and orange. There is a
      crispness to the air, yet the sun remains warm upon
      your face. It is time to celebrate the bounty of nature; it's time for
      Harvest Moon!

      Malagentia graciously invites the archers and all peoples of the great
      East Kingdom to join us at Hebron Pines Campground,
      Route 124 in beautiful Hebron, ME, to revel and relax amongst friends
      and family. We will have a full archery range, including
      a clout shoot, with prizes for different categories. To appease the
      well-rounded individual, we also offer fencing, heavy
      weapons, thrown weapons and dancing throughout the day serenaded by our
      local musical group, the DisSonatas.

      This is a family friendly event! For those younger folks, we are proud
      to announce a nice selection of Children' Activities.
      Included is Favor Making and the Malagentian Children' Champion of
      Fence Tourney; each fencer must be sponsored by a

      Everyone in attendance is welcome to join us for our Harvest Feast in
      the late afternoon. There will not be a dayboard, please
      plan accordingly. The site boasts hot showers, plumbing and a superb
      rec. Hall - this event will go on regardless of the

      The site opens at 10am and closes around 8pm. The site is discreetly
      wet, and no pets allowed. Merchants with their own
      set-up welcome, please contact the Autocrat.

      Fees: Adults - $8 pre-reserved, and $9 at the gate. Children between
      3-12 are $4 pre-reserved, and $5 at the gate. Children
      under 3 are free. Call for special Family Rates. Our Canadian friends
      may mail by post or e-mail their reservation and pay the
      reserved rate at the gate. To reserve, please note mundane names and
      SCA names plus your check made payable to SCA,
      Inc. Province of Malagentia and mail to the Autocrat: Lady Marcella
      neyn Gylys (Megan Bensen, 33 Pleasant Street,
      Mechanic Falls, ME 04256.) Reservations must be received before October
      2. E-mail: megb@..., Phone:
      (207)345-3523 - no calls after 10pm.

      The campground is available for Friday night at $10 per family (2
      adults and 2 children), tent camping. Please contact the
      Autocrat if this interests you. Any questions, please don't hesitate to

      >From the South: Take your best route to the Maine Turnpike. Get off at
      exit 11, the Gray/New Gloucester exit. After the toll
      booth, take a right. Go to lights and take a left. At next lights, take
      another left. This puts you on Route 26 North. You'll be on
      it for roughly 20 miles. Look for "Just Friends Restaurant" on your
      left. Just beyond that you'll see a Mobil Station on your
      right, and there you will take a right, which puts you onto Route 11
      heading into Mechanic Falls. At the lights, you will go
      straight across, putting you North on Route 124. *Approx. 4.6 miles
      will bring you to a Yield sign, go right following sign for
      124. You will then immediately come to another Yield sign, at which you
      go left, and you should see the sign reading North
      124. Go another 2.4 miles and the sign for Hebron Pines Campground is
      on the left. You are there!

      From the North: Take Exit 12 of the Maine Turnpike. Take a left after
      the toll onto Route 100 - which is also Washington
      Ave. Go straight - we surmise about 3 miles. You'll come to an
      intersection with "Roy' Hamburgers" on the left. Take a left at
      those lights, essentially going around Roy'. This puts you onto Route
      121. You are going to stay on this road until you come
      into Mechanic Falls. Look for the Mechanic Falls Fire Station and
      Oxford Bank on the right after about 10+ minutes. Then
      you'll bend to the left and follow around to the right to cross a
      bridge, which puts you at the intersection mentioned above. Go
      right at the lights, putting you on 124 North and follow from * above.

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