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equipment tuning, was:( Re: Arrow Spine relative to Bow Weight)

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  • Scott Jaqua
    ... From: grey_taylor (snip arrow making stuff) ... Assuming you can already shoot a very consistent group.................
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 7, 2001
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      From: "grey_taylor" <greytaylor@...>

      (snip arrow making stuff)
      > If your arrows stick in the target with the nocks to one side or the
      > other rather than straight in that is a good indication of arrows
      > being over or under spined, depends on which way the nocks point and
      > I can never remember off hand which is which. I'd have to look it up.
      > Taillear

      Assuming you can already shoot a very consistent group.................

      Start at 5 yards and pick an aiming point that will make you hit high up on
      the center of the target butt. Shoot one arrow. Then move back 5 yards and
      shoot an arrow using the same aiming point as the first. Keep moving back
      and shooting with same aiming point until you get to the bottom of the
      target butt. Now look at your pattern. If the pattern produces a straight
      line (down or at a slight angle) you arrow spine is fine. If the line bows
      out in an arc, then the spine is not correct. Assuming a right handed
      archer, if the curve bows out to the right, your arrows are under spined, to
      the left over spined. If the pattern goes straight down your arrow rest is
      in the correct position. If it goes left then you rest needs to go right and
      a right slope to the pattern mean the rest has to go left (for right or left
      handed archers). Now SCA arrow rest aren't adjustable. However if you rest
      is a separate part try to get a different one. If you are shooting off a
      self and the rest needs to move away from the bow, then you can add
      material. If it needs to go into the bow, you are out of luck. If you shoot
      a horsebow or ELB try changing how you cant the bow.

      One more test, strip the feathers off an arrow. Go to 5 yards and shoot it
      into the several times, making sure you are aiming dead level. If the nock
      is almost always pointing up from dead level, you need to lower you nocking
      point. If nock points down, raise the nocking point.


      Scott B. Jaqua

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