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Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: another newbie

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  • Ice Tiger
    Who said I wanted to look period? :) Dalton
    Message 1 of 35 , Nov 30, 2001
      Who said I wanted to look period? :)

      John Edgerton wrote:

      > Ice Tiger wrote:
      > > Although some people may have a problem with a back quivers spilling when
      > > they bend over they are easier to use in a run and shoot situation. In
      > > tournament rounds I have shot in the people using side quivers had to hold
      > > their arrows while running from station to station while I was able to reach
      > > back and load on the run with a back quiver. I just find them easier to use
      > > since they stay in place better and it seems to take less movement to draw
      > > from one. But that's my opinion.
      > > Dalton
      > >
      > > Ken Taylor wrote:
      > >
      > I too prefer a back quiver, it suits my style of shooting. However, if you
      > really want to look period, as in western European, there are very very few
      > examples of the use of back quivers in western Europe. Except, perhaps in Robin
      > Hood movies. :-)
      > Jon
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    • Chad and Erin Wilson
      [...] ... When one is practicing the spray n pray method, yes. I need to correct a detail that I mis-typed here. I used to shoot my speed rounds standing
      Message 35 of 35 , Dec 2, 2001
        > position. Please forgive my incredulity, but can you really
        > repeatedly cock, load, aim, and fire a crossbow at a rate of one bolt
        > every 2.4 seconds?

        When one is practicing the "spray'n'pray" method, yes. I need to correct a
        detail that I mis-typed here.

        I used to shoot my speed rounds standing and drawing from side quiver, where my
        speed round was 9 bolts. That was after some warm-up. I now shoot with my
        quiver sitting on the ground to my right where my right hand can grab them. Now
        I shoot 9 to 13 per round and with more accuracy. The process of bending over
        and back up was causing weird blood flow issues to the head, so by the 7th and
        8th bolt, I was seeing double (when standing). This issue has gone away with
        crouched method.

        I shoot standing for 99% of all other situations, although I practice many
        stances (sitting, crouching, laying down, standing).

        A fast speed round is obtained from repetition and efficiency. Apply The Book
        of 5 Rings to archery...reduce any unnecessary movements. In my back yard, I
        practice by shooting 12 bolts as quickly as I can.

        I do have many witnesses who have seen my machine gun style here in the oaken
        region of the midrealm. Robert Thorne's method is more accurate more often, but
        I did shoot a 40+ once or twice in practicing speed rounds, so I figure if I
        keep at it, I could reach that level every time.

        My goal for next year is to reach Ludicrous status by the end of next summer.
        My other goal is learn to shoot my new longbow I'll be getting or Xmas.

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