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Re: [Mid] Pennsic 31 archery

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  • Bill Whitley
    Greetings to Master Hroar, When this option was first considered, handicap access was one of the first things which came to mind (given the site). Dave Cooper
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2001
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      Greetings to Master Hroar,

      When this option was first considered, handicap access was one of the
      first things which came to mind (given the site). Dave Cooper has yet
      to do the necessary earth moving, but it is my understanding that he
      is going to try to provide better access to the top by re-grading the
      paths (if that is possible). We do not currently have a schedule, but
      it is fair to expect this work to be completed by early Spring of
      next year. Announcements will be made. It is also our intention to
      have haywagon access to the range, which should make it accessible
      for most differently-abled gentles.

      If the grading and wagon access ultimately prove to be problematic,
      we will have to see what our options are at that point. I assure you
      that we wish to make this as accessible as anything else at Pennsic.

      Yours in Service,


      speaking in this instance for Master Mark Squirrelsbane and Mistress
      Caitlin fitzHenry

      >Good Master Toshi, Greetings from Master Hroar;
      >Having read the following, I have concern about handicap
      >accessiblity...Has this been address? I am curious..
      >On Sat, 24 Nov 2001 18:42:18 EST agincort@... writes:
      >> forwarded from the SCA archery list:
      >> Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 08:45:40 -0500
      >> From: Bill Whitley <whitleys@...>
      >> Subject: Pennsic 31 archery
      >> Greetings,
      >> The following is a message from Master Mark Squirrelsbane, EK
      >> Captain
      >> General of Archers,
      >> and Mistress Caitlin fitzHenry, his Drop-Dead Deputy and incoming EK
      >> Captain General.
      >> I am posting this to the list at their request. toshi
      >> - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      >> -
      >> Greetings to the archers of the known world,
      >> Pennsic archery is on the move again. When the construction of the
      >> Pennsic "fort" displaced
      >> the old archery range, it was moved to a location which was
      >> admittedly
      >> temporary, and
      >> arguably problematic. After much discussion and consideration,
      >> careful
      >> evaluation of
      >> available options (and lots of on-site measuring), we are happy to
      >> announce that the
      >> archery range will be moved to a permanent location for Pennsic 31.
      >> We recognize that any move will please some people and infuriate
      >> others.
      >> With that
      >> in mind, we have tried to find a permanent site solution based on
      >> safety,
      >> and what
      >> is best for archery in general. Consideration was also given to
      >> convenience, visibility,
      >> and use-ability, but given the constraints of the site, the options
      >> were
      >> quite limited.
      >> The ranges will be moving to the top of Mt. Eislinn, overlooking the
      >> fort
      >> and battlefield.
      >> Access roads will be improved, and the very top will be leveled
      >> somewhat
      >> to accommodate
      >> the ranges. The profile of Mt. Eislinn should remain relatively
      >> unchanged, so the view
      >> from below should be the one with which everyone is familiar. Also,
      >> the
      >> ranges will be
      >> faced away from the battlefield, so viewing the battlefield from the
      >> crest of the hill
      >> will still be possible. The thrown weapons ranges will be placed at
      >> the
      >> base of the hill,
      >> around the side, parallel to Currie Rd., and quite close to where
      >> they
      >> were two years ago.
      >> If anyone has any concerns or wishes to contribute their
      >> suggestions,
      >> please send them
      >> to Master toshi <whitleys@...> who is keeping track of
      >> these
      >> sorts of things.
      >> In Service,
      >> Mark Squirrelsbane
      >> Caitlin fitzHenry
      >> .................................................
      >> Ian Gourdon of Glen Awe
      >> OP, Midrealm Forester
      >> "Well done is better than well said"
      >> From: agincort@...
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