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Re: [SCA-Archery] Period Shoots needed for Complete Anachronist

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  • Estel Pereira
    Greeting Lorenzo, Quickly, Wand Shooting done from about mid 1200 s (perhaps earlier?) onwards until the Regency period. A wand about 1 to 2 wide and three -
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 28, 2001
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      Greeting Lorenzo,


      Wand Shooting done from about mid 1200's (perhaps earlier?) onwards
      until the Regency period.
      A wand about 1' to 2' wide and three - four feet tall (round poles
      work well) placed 20 - 60 yards and shot at with broad heads. The
      first archer to split the wand or hit it (since we use field tips
      now) wins. Usually three wands are set up against a butt.

      Garland shooting done pre-1200 onwards, may be earlier - don't know
      when it was phazed out.
      Twisted wood garlands, round, any size, small for more difficult
      shots. Put on a butt - an earth mount with one side cut away to
      expose the earth - at any distance. Aim to hit the center of the

      Clout shooting done in the renaissance. Usually associated with some
      type of roving. Not to be confused with a mass volley of arrows. A
      round canvas target of about two - three feet wide - white with a
      single black center. Shot at from great distances.

      Pop-in-Jay - I think done through out the high middle ages. A wooden
      green bird a top a pole and shot at. Object to bring it down. Shot
      at with blunts and flu flus. More than one bird can be used if a
      cartwheel can be set up on top of the pole.

      I got all this information from watching a well made video out of
      England called "Archery: It's History and Forms". Wonderful pc.

      Yours in the Dream,

      >Greetings from Lorenzo,
      >I ma happy to announce that an effort, under the direction of the
      >Society Archery Marshal, THL Gwilym o'r Afonydd Tair, is now underway
      >to publish a Complete Anachronist of Period Archery Shoots. I will
      >serve as the collection point for these shoots.
      >We need your help! If you know of shoots that are Period, please send
      >them via email to shoots@...
      > Shoots with some form of documentation are best, but if you believe
      >that a particular shoot may be period, then send it in along with your
      >explanation of why you think it is period. Also, if you have run this
      >shoot at an event, feel free to include your thoughts on how it worked
      >, target drawings if appropriate, and anything else that could be of
      >Please take some time to assist us in this project. Often on this list
      >archers have complained about how few period shoots are run, and how
      >marshals are more likely to whip out a FITA target than anything else.
      >Well, this is our chance to change that! This booklet can be an
      >invaluable resource to marshals throughout the Society to run period
      >and period-like shoots. This in turns translates into a deeper
      >immersion in the medieval atmosphere for the archers as well as the
      >spectators, and in turn can spur more research into period archery
      >that will benefit all of us.
      >I thank you in advance for your help. I hope to be getting a lot of
      >If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line.
      >Thank you!!
      >- Lorenzo
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