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Re: [SCA-Archery] York round stuff

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  • karl sandhoff
    Excellent ideas all. This points out the origin of our term end for a group of arrows shot at one time from one distance; those shot from one end of the
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 4, 2001
      Excellent ideas all. This points out the origin of our term "end" for a group of arrows shot at one time from one distance; those shot from one end of the field. I like the idea of the additional awards, I have often awarded tassels in baronial colors for new archers participating in their first kingdom level shoot. I, too, am the recipient of my mundane club's "green hound award". I keep it where I can see it from time to time to remind me where I started.
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      <br>> Greetings,
      <br>> Many archers seriously underestimate the ability of their tackle to
      <br>> reach 100 yards and overshots are often way over. I once prooved this to
      <br>> my canton by shooting an end at 100 yards with an 18# lemonwood bow that
      <br>> I had since I was a boy, no difficulty in reaching the mark.
      <br>> If possible, leave yourself 50 yards behind the butts(seems excessive,
      <br>> but for archers unaccustomed to shooting that range,you may need it).
      <br>> Also if possible, make sure that the field is freshly mowed
      <br>> (better for any shoot).
      <br>> Mundanely when I've shot Yorks, we have the field set up with the
      <br>> target butts at either end of the field, about 120 yards apart, so that
      <br>> after you've retrieved from one end, you can shoot back the other
      <br>> direction. This leaves you 10 yards at each side for the line. A real
      <br>> luxury, but standard practice at many mundane shoots.
      <br>> Because of the distances, many lighter weight bows have bounce
      <br>> outs, so upon retrieval, the score keeper makes a pencil mark at the
      <br>> hole of each shot, so that in the event of bounce outs you can verify
      <br>> where the shots hit.
      <br>> In the British tradition, awards are not only given for best
      <br>> overall scores, but for other things as well. A common award is a wool
      <br>> tassle. A gold one for the archer with the most golds, a white one for
      <br>> the archer with the most petticoat shots (in the early days a horn spoon
      <br>> was given for this) and a green one for the archer that hits the grass
      <br>> the most (no one wants the green one), First prize traditionally is a
      <br>> hunting horn. The other tradition is after the 6th end at 100 yards, the
      <br>> archers take a break for a toast to the Queen, or the Crown, (as a
      <br>> non-drinker, they always have grape juice or ginger ale for me, a good
      <br>> idea for all so you don't have drunk archers shooting at long distances
      <br>> at an event).
      <br>> Good luck,
      <br>> -Geoffrei
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