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proposed Archery Company

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    Hi everyone, I have been on this list for a little while now. And been reading all the subject matter that has been submitted about the proposed charter for a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 1999
      Hi everyone, I have been on this list for a little while now.
      And been reading all the subject matter that has been submitted
      about the proposed charter for a traditional archery guild.
      Please indulge me for a moment as I blow my horn about myself for a minute. I have been in the SCA for over 11 yrs now; and doing archery for most of that time in the SCA. I have spent all of my SCA life in Ansteorra, some say thats good and others my not care. OK thats your choice. But for the past four and a half years I've been the Western Regional Archery Marshall in my Kingdom. And as such I take a great interest in Archery. To include writing a proposed Archery Handbook for our kingdom. Thats neither here nor there. The point is I'm very interested in Archery. In all aspects as it pertains to this family known as the SCA.
      Over all this proposed guild is not a bad idea. I do like seeing period garb at events as this helps with the ambiance of the dream. But yes I am one of those individuals that has on occasion in the past worn sweatpants on the melee field. But only on the melee field. Everywhere else, tourney fields, court, merchant row ect. I wear garb that fits within my personna. Why because they fit easily under my armor, are comfortable and look better then blue jeans. And sometimes I forget to grab an additional pair of breeches before heading out to an event. But am I shunned or do I shun others because of that? No. I want to be treated with honor and respect not because of what I wear as so I treat others that way to.
      But The real meat of my message is this. Instead of everyone getting upset with others because they disagree with a point of view; why dont we all sit back and look at what is proposed. AND RESPOND IN A PROPER MANNER AND NOT POINT FINGERS AT EACH OTHER, OR MAKE ACCUSATIONS. As that type of conflict will get nothing accomplished except for people to be irrational with each other.
      I believe the propsal for the guild to be the following:
      An SCA wide Guild dedicated to the art of tradional archery, and as such the members of the guild will use traditional archery equipment on the archery ranges that they shoot at. Additionally the members will also be required to wear the appropiate costume/garb/uniform of an archer in there time period and personna. And by doing so the members of the guild promote Archery, the guild and to a point themselves. I like this Idea.
      But I do belive that we all should realize that this is for the archery range. I understand not on the melee field; as I can list several items to take into consideration such as safety and the increased cost of trying to find low poundage bows, and additioally the overall effect would be lost the minute we nocked a Thistle Missile/ Baldar Blunt/ Improved Markland or other combat type arrow. Expecially when the missile combat standards within all of our different Kingdoms are not the same.
      So please everyone take three deep breaths, relax and then ask yourselves if the message you are about to write will accomplish anything. You may be surprised that we can get more accomplished as a group then as individuals.
      So in closing this large note if I have upset anyone I appologize I am just trying to stop a conflict of personallities from occuring and turning this site into a room full of snipers. Lets save that for the melee field. Additionally to the individual that made the proposal for this guild; I appologize if I have stepped on your toes or if I have not gotten or misunderstood all the facts for your Proposed guild corect.

      In service to the Kingdom and the Dream
      H.L. Agnarr Thorvaldsson
      Western Regional Archery Marshall, Ansteorra
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