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Was: Shooting at 30 and 40...: wishes to find a marshal...

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  • archergodwin@yahoo.com
    hamberg@f... wrote: who still wishes he could find a marshal in Artemisia Michael knows several marshals in Artemisia...(yes Michael?). A more
    Message 1 of 42 , Aug 1, 2001
      hamberg@f... wrote: "who still wishes he could find a marshal in

      Michael knows several marshals in Artemisia...(yes Michael?). A more
      appropriate statement might be:
      "who still wishes he could find a marshal who will work with him"

      Part of the problem is personality conflicts. Not my business to get
      in-between personality conflicts. However, IMHO, there are plenty of
      good marshals in Artemisia.

      Michael and I talk, *e-mail* often, but I can't let that statement
      slide, sorry Michael.

      Lord Godwin FitzGilbert
      Captain of Archers,
      Baronial Archery Champion,
      Barony of Arn Hold,
      Kingdom of Artemisia.
    • Brad Wolf
      I think it is time to set the records straight here. First and foremost let me say that at no time has the individual in question applied to become a
      Message 42 of 42 , Aug 6, 2001
        I think it is time to set the records straight here.

        First and foremost let me say that at no time has 'the individual in
        question' applied to become a Warranted Archery Marshal in Artemisia. I
        have asked him about this numerous times, even asking him to consider the
        position of Deputy Archer General for Southern Artemisia, but the
        response has always been to the tune of "I could not possibly do that."
        I have a long list of the better part of 100 e-mails that I have
        received in the past two months criticizing the way I run archery in
        Artemisia, and how I have been very unfair in working with the demands of
        a single archer. Archery is a babe in the woods in Artemisia, where I
        started Kingdom archery with nothing but an appointment by His Majesty at
        Crown Tournament in October of 1998. Since then I have created an
        Archery Handbook, put together a corps of trustworthy, stable Marshals,
        and encouraged archers to shoot for score and become involved. Based on
        the populace of Artemisia, this has met with solid success. Over one
        fourth of the populace of the Kingdom has tried at least once their hand
        at a bow or crossbow. Last year, Artemisia's first entry into the IKAC
        with crossbowmen did well, especially considering that the most
        experienced of the crossbowmen in Artemisia have been shooting crossbow
        for less than 4 years. Most archers in Artemisia have had little to no
        experience with medieval archery before coming to me wishing to learn
        more. Some of my best examples are people who have been shooting for
        slightly over a year, one with crossbow and one with recurve, and they
        have gone from learning the basics to putting out some impressive scores,
        with even more impressive aims for period re-creation.
        I don't brag about scores in Artemisia. In truth, I do not personally
        weigh heavily into IKAC and Royal Round scores because both shoots are
        not period. I understand their need in the Society as a way to equally
        test the skill of archers from Oertha to Drachenwald, and their service
        to recognize archers for their ability. The difficulty is in how to
        score the bow handmade from a stave of "witch" elm, or the archer who
        acquires a 100+ pound longbow because it is an authentic weight? They
        pursue these items because they strive to recreate the archer of
        centuries past, not to shoot a great score.
        If this gentle has something to offer archery in the SCA besides his
        ability to say his piece and boast his ability to shoot well in practice,
        then let it come forth. Otherwise, let our talk turn to more
        constructive topics on this list of SCA-Archery; not Olympic shoots, not
        Las Vegas scoring.


        Ld. K. Braden von Sobernheim
        - Archer General of Artemisia
        MoAS of Arn Hold, Baroness' Champion
        Protector of the Gryphon's Arrows for TRMs Konrad and Kortland
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