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Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: [SCA-MissileCombat] IKAC - Proposed new initiatives

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  • Andre Detommaso
    Greetings, Thanks for your feedback so far. You ve all made some excellent points. Just to clarify, I am proposing creating a brand new division for the
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 27, 2001
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      Thanks for your feedback so far. You've all made some
      excellent points.
      Just to clarify, I am proposing creating a brand new
      division for the "documented shoot" (got to come up
      with a better name! Anyone...?), *in addition* to the
      existing Period division. The exact modalities,
      including the level of documentation, will have to be
      worked out, but it should be at the level that
      reasonable SCA archers can look at the documentation
      and see that it is indeed a period shoot. With the
      assistance of the web site, and using different point
      systems, I think we can get around people not being
      aware of shoot changes from year to year.

      Regarding the season extension, my immediate thought
      was also that it could be an advantage for the
      Southern Kingdoms, but there are several factors that
      actually balance things out. In the South and lower
      East Coast, July and August are not the best months
      for shooting, when heat and bugs make life miserable,
      whereas in the North it's perfect shooting weather.
      Furthermore, going back and looking at the scores for
      the past few years, the Northern Kingdoms, An Tir,
      Middle, East, and Atlantia have been consistently at
      the top of the standings. In addition, some of the
      best scores from the Northern Kingdoms that you see on
      the web site came in right in the beginning of April.
      This got me thinking that perhaps extending the season
      would increase participation but not necessarily be a
      huge disadvantage for anyone. Something we could do is
      run this for a year or two, and see if a bias toward
      the southern Kingdoms develops, but I would like to
      hear more from folks before we make any kind of
      decision regarding the length of next year's season.

      By the way, I got almost 100 scores just this week!!
      Way to go! (the scores on the web site will be posted
      by tomorrow) However, I still have only received a few
      IKCAC scores this season. If you have them, send them
      in! I have updated the IKCAC section of the web site,
      it now contains two different scoresheets in PDF and
      Excel, and even a photo of an IKCAC target.

      - Lorenzo

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