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Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Flemish Twist

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  • AyllythPìobaire
    ... camshafted bows ? The only archery we know is SCA archery. ... He shoots the larger diametre shafts (i know there are two common diametres for shafts -
    Message 1 of 11 , May 30, 2001
      --- Co tenBroek and Barbara Hendrix
      <co_barb@...> wrote:
      > I would start by using a havier arrow. Most people
      > who shoot
      > come from the world of Camshafted bows, and think

      'camshafted bows'? The only archery we know is SCA

      > that anything
      > over the weight of a heavy sewing needle is too
      > much. After checking
      > the weight

      He shoots the larger diametre shafts (i know there are
      two common diametres for shafts - 5/16 and 11/32? -
      and i required the thinner shaft whilst his bow
      requires the heftier one). i know from experience that
      his arrows are too weighty for my puny wee 35# to
      shoot well. ;)

      > I would look at the string. How many
      > strands are in it, what
      > type
      > of string and string material.

      two-ply flemish, 7 strands per, and whatever the
      common string material is (it's not linen; dacron?)
      that feels waxy already. Well-waxed during
      construction, but definitely needing wax now.

      > > Who knows why serving goes.
      > Friction.

      Amusing, considering he has only one arrow with a
      locking nock, and the other arrows have a nasty habit
      of falling off the string as he draws (he is slowly
      losing sensation in his fingers, and can't tell how
      hard he's gripping the nock; i suspect he's erring on
      the side of loosely so as not to interfere with the

      > Anyone not carrying extra strings (I have 1, plus
      > the ability to make more)
      > is asking not to shoot one weekend.

      Strings are so easy to make, too!

      > the road. Also keep
      > > waxing your bow with paste wax especially if you
      > shoot a lot out of
      > > doors. Water is your enemy.
      > Let the congregation say AMEN.

      Huzzah! My puir bow got drizzled on, along with my
      idiot arrows, during breakdown at the end of war.

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