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  • longbow@sgi.net
    Greetings Well since your familiar with Recurves and somewhat longbows your halfway there. Any bow will do, even a flea market model. You apparently know what
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2001
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      Well since your familiar with Recurves and somewhat longbows your halfway there.
      Any bow will do, even a flea market model. You apparently know what to look for
      in a safe bow. No cracks and the like. Once you get a suitable bow you will need
      wood arrows to match. Modern Compounds, and non period arrows are not suitable.
      As well as Berger buttons, Plastic fletching, Releases and the like which are all
      modern improvements.

      For advice on manufacturers ....... I would recommend that since your computer
      literate, get onto SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com . The archers there a virtual
      storehouse of information. They may even be able to tell you of manufacturers who
      are local to your area. Ask them any question, while not all replies will be of
      interest to you, they are a good source of information.. Let them know your

      As for 'winning' ..... the SCA is a totally different type of shooting..... for
      instance ......... I'm slow.... but I can shoot 6 arrows in 30 seconds. Some of
      the shoots have timed ends. Like 15 or 30 seconds to get off as many arrows as
      you can. I saw a woman from Montreal get off and score 8 arrows in 15 seconds. 10
      arrows in 30 seconds are not unusual. Lots of novelty rounds. The imagination is
      the limit. so just go to a couple of shoots and enjoy the day. Watch what people
      are doing. (Mostly having fun) Lots of shoots are more head to head matches. Like
      in the Robin Hood movies.

      Also ask your son who the Kingdom Archery Officer is. They should be able to put
      you in touch with someone local who can advise you with local suppliers for
      equipment. We have people in the SCA who make all we need from Longbows, to
      Arrows, and leather accessories. If you get your kingdoms newsletter the Kingdom
      Officers name should be listed in it.

      I always enjoy helping 'youngsters' such as yourself. I have 45 years of
      Tournament Archery/Hunting experience under my belt.

      I hope this helps. Enjoy your self and maybe one day our paths will cross.

      THL Gwilym
      Society Archery Marshal
      Kingdom of AEthelmearc

      WillyB71@... wrote:

      > Dear Sir:
      > I have been lured over to the "Dark Side" by my son, an avid SCA participant.
      > I plan to participate in target archery (my first SCA participation) this
      > fall & need some tackle advice on not only being legal within SCA guidelines,
      > but also being appropriate within the spirit of the event. I have reviewed
      > the Target Archery Rules Regulations & Policies.
      > I need a recommendation on bow type and manufacturer. My concern is that I
      > want to use a bow that is very competitive and will give me the best chance
      > to win, but feel a modern metal-riser removable-limbed take down is
      > inappropriate. What type bow (specific model) would you recommend? Any
      > other tackle recommendations?
      > As info, I have been a hunting archer for 30 years, and shot instinctively
      > (bare bow) for the first twenty. My longbow experience was slight, but I
      > shot recurves for many years before succumbing to compounds. Thanks for your
      > help.
      > Bill Benefiel
      > Texarkana, TX
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