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Archery company (Long)

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  • Robert L Brunnemer
    Hallo!!! Ok then with all of your help I will attempt to braid together another message here. Please be patient, and I will try to site everything accurately.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 1999
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      Ok then with all of your help I will attempt to braid together another
      message here. Please be patient, and I will try to site everything
      accurately. :-)

      Macsen said:
      <<<This is critical to what the group's goal is going to be. Whether it
      *encourages* all period tackle or *requires* it (or some minimum
      use of period components i.e. you don't have to shoot a self bow
      and period arrows but you have to shoot a period _looking_ bow
      and period arrows OR a period bow and period _looking_ arrows...).>>>

      That is one of the things I have been trying to figure out. In all
      actuality I would like for it to be something like you have to shoot a
      period looking bow, and period looking arrows. That is ideally though,
      and could be open to debate, of course in reality everything is open to
      debate in my view, I have never seen anything "set in stone."

      For the period tackle, I would think that it would encourage it, and then
      give special awards to people that have it. Of course the awards
      wouldn't be official SCA awards that you get in court or anything, but I
      don't think that would matter as long as there isn't any "conflicting
      interests" there.

      Alberic said:
      <<<I generally find it easier to poke specific holes in proposals by
      listing individual problem cases,>>>

      Well be my guest. There is always a need for someone to point out the
      flaws in my ideas, and usually that person has a hay day with me! :-)

      <<<How will you admit/select people?>>>

      I think that it would be more of a thing like there would be a set of
      "rules" (which I realize now I should use general guidelines) and then if
      the person fits into the general guidelines then they will be admitted
      into our group. What do you think?

      <<<It's been my experience with similar things that it is best to start
      small and work up.>>>

      Well with the technology that we have now, I think that it would be easy
      to do like we are doing now, and start this with people on the "web" so
      to speak. Because I am rather separated from my local group, and don't
      know of anyone that I can talk to in my Kingdom, The West, that I could
      talk to about. Well I think that Jon Edgerton is from this kingdom, but
      I can't remember, and that would only be one. ALTHOUGH I do think that
      we are following your guidelines by the small group, just our small group
      is spread out over a huge distance, that has a common area that is no
      farther away from anyone then there keyboard. :-) (Well I thought it
      sounded cool.)

      <<<The essential concept here is that there is a limit to the number of
      people that one person, no matter how charismatic, can

      This is a good point! That is why I was thinking about having a "contact
      person" from every Kingdom. Might I have people who are interested tell
      me what area they are in please?

      <<<Pistol crossbows: I'd have a hard time putting my hands on the exact
      citations, but my memory tells me of someone claiming to have documented
      pistol crossbows to medieval China,>>>

      Well I don't know everything that was, and wasn't used in period. And I
      am not really going to get into any specifics, at the moment I am going
      to worry more about general ideas, and I think that the period looking is
      the best. And when I finally get to it, I am going to state specific
      things that are examples of period looking things, and things that are to
      be avoided.

      <<< The 10 foot rule is a good one, and you shouldn't set it up so that
      it's impossible to introduce things later.>>>

      I like the idea of having the "group" evolve, but there is also the
      problem of having people that have been in this thing from the beginning
      would then see a new rule that would mean that they could no longer be in
      the group that they have grown to love. There would be ways to deal with
      this, such as a "grandfather" clause, or something but that wouldn't be
      fair to the new people. So there is a pretty big problem there that I
      can't think of an answer to at the moment. I do like the "10' rule" in
      principal, BUT I don't think that it is completely the right thing here.
      Because as stated by the draft of the statement it is the need to improve
      tackle, and the like, not to improve the look of tackle, and the like.
      But I think that for the moment the 10' rule will be just fine,
      especially if there is awards and the like for more "periodness." Any

      Jon said:
      <<<Also to be considered, would be the clothing of the bowman. Do you
      your self yew bow in tennis shoes, jeans and period tunic?>>>

      Well I think that this is something that can be covered when there is
      actually a group, and could be more of an evolution thing. Don't you
      think? Shouldn't get to complicated right at the beginning. Well I hope
      that this answers your questions, and poses some more of your own. I am
      VERY happy to hear people talking about this, and would love to hear any
      comments. Even if they aren't about content so much, thanks again
      macsen. So I hope to hear more from you , and...

      Have a nice day!!!
      Tha mi a'fluich mi kilt!!!

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