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Grand Fellowship(draft 2)

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  • John Edgerton
    ... I have made some changes to the first draft. I would like comments on this version including if you feel it is a usefull idea. I would also like opinions
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      > Greetings

      I have made some changes to the first draft. I would like comments on this version including if you feel it is a usefull idea.
      I would also like opinions as to, on what item of clothing or gear the badge could be worn, as well as a possible background color or colors. I like the idea of a vert (green) background or vert and or (gold), as these colors have some association with archery and are also the SCA colors.
      I am also looking for a herald or two to help find a suitable badge.

      Your comments please.


      > A Brief Proposal for a SCA Wide
      > Grand Fellowship of Archers
      > For a long time now there has been discussion of Society wide recognition for the skills of archery, both target and combat. The creation of an archery peerage or the admission of archers to the Order of the Laurel has been suggested as a means of providing this recognition. It seems most unlikely that the B.O.D. will create an archery peerage at any time in the foreseeable future having recently turned it down. And the O.L. still seems reluctant to accept archers for their skill in shooting, rather than just for their ability to craft or research the gear used in archery.
      > Most of the kingdoms already have their own archery awards, with some of the orders an Award of Arms or Grant of Arms is given as well. But there is no Society wide order or group recognizing outstanding skill in archery as the Order of Chivalry does tourney combat, the Order of the Laurel excellence in Arts and Sciences, or the Order of the Pelican rewards service.
      > It would seem that a solution could be found for the archers. A grand fellowship of archers could be created consisting of members of all the kingdom archery orders. Each kingdom order would retain its own name, device, standards and interests, autonomy, etc. This would not be an attempt to replace existing archery orders with a new order, but to only create a larger umbrella order of which they would be the active members. Each member of a kingdom order would also be a member of the Society wide fellowship. It could provide a single roof to cover all the kingdoms’ archery and missile combat orders, but would have no authority over them. .
      > The intent of the Grand Fellowship is two-fold:
      > One: To provide a common means of visual identification for holders of the many different kingdom level archery awards, so that when at inter-kingdom events or just visiting other kingdoms, they can be identified as holders of kingdom level archery awards. Thus making it easier for those interested in archery, both archers or non archers, to contact them and talk shop, ask questions, etc.
      > Two: To help create greater fellowship between the members of the many different archery orders of the kingdoms. And to help increase contact and exchange of information and ideas between the actual orders as well.

      > This could help promote the idea that a member of the East's Order of Saggitarius is the equal of the West's Royal company of Archers as well as all the other kingdom archery orders. So that a member of the Grand Fellowship, etc. is a brother or sister archer to all those of the other kingdoms, not just to their own kingdom. This could help provide a sense of community for those archers so that they might be more apt to see themselves as archers of the SCA, in the sense that the Knights, Laurels and Pelicans see themselves, rather than just archers of kingdom “X”. If this were to work out well, then in the future it could help them work together as a group toward common goals. Perhaps, one of those goals might be to work toward peerage level recognition for archery and other related skills.
      > Members of all the kingdom archery orders of the level of an award of arms or higher and those given an O.L. or O.P. for their archery related skills would be granted automatic membership and allowed to wear the badge of the Grand Fellowship if they should so wish. In the case of awards that are given both for martial or other activities as well as archery, these would be acceptable for the fellowship.
      > As it stands now there are sixteen kingdoms with about twenty four archery orders and devices and badges. And an archer from the East may not know the orders or badges in the West and an archer from Caid may not know the orders or badges in Atlantia and a non archer might have no idea at all. An SCA wide badge would allow archers and non archers to identify a member of the fellowship no matter what kingdom either is from. This would make those top archers recognizable SCA wide and help to develop the idea that archery is more than only of local interest.
      > The grand fellowship would carry no award itself. The award comes with the kingdom order and the badge is an extra that may be used or not as the holder of the kingdom award sees fit.
      > To make identification of members of the fellowship easier the badge could be worn on a selected items of clothing or archery gear, such as a bracer, baldric, hat, quiver or just as a medallion. The use of a specific background color or combination of colors would further aid in identification.
      > Once a badge were to pass the heralds it would be made available to all the members of the kingdom archery orders. It would not bring with it any peerage, grant or award. But, its members would be understood as having been given such rank for their excellence in the skills of archery in their kingdom. The creation of, or membership in, such an order would not preclude future efforts to achieve peerage status for archery with a Laurel or a new peerage order for outstanding archers.
      > I am planing to register a badge for this purpose. If the idea does not work out, I will still have a badge with an archery motif. The assistance of any herald that would be interested in helping me come up with a badge would be greatly appreciated.
      > Please pass this proposal on to other archers, both target or combat and discuss it with them. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts that you may have on this idea, in order to determine if it might be practical. Also any information you have on archery orders in your kingdom would be helpful.
      > Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf,
      > O.L., O.P., Royal Company of Archers, Royal Company of Yeomen,
      > Kingdom of the West.
      > sirjon1@...
    • Steitan99@cs.com
      In a message dated 2/5/01 10:23:35 AM Mountain Standard Time, ... Try the SCA.org page. It has the list of kingdoms throughout th eknowne world...If other
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        In a message dated 2/5/01 10:23:35 AM Mountain Standard Time,
        hamberg@... writes:

        > Is there a listing of where various kingdom archery events are being
        > held? Something listed by date, kingdom, group, type of event?
        > Michael

        Try the SCA.org page. It has the list of kingdoms throughout
        th eknowne world...If other kingdom sites are like the Outlands
        there will be a calendar of events for the upcoming season.


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