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      << The Iron Man and Twilight shoot did not get confirmed on the Pennsic
      Schedual until Wednesday of week two. >>

      Well, i have to say that the publishing of the schedule of archery events at
      Pennsic has left a LOT to be desired in past years. Previous years, I would
      check the schedule on one day, go back 1 1/2 days later, only to find out the
      event I was 2 hours early for, had been moved up whole day earlier, and i
      missed it. This happened multiple times.

      This year did show some improvement. But there were two events that i nearly
      missed because of this problem, and I was at the field every day.

      I realize that there will always be some re-scheduling. What is needed, is
      for major scheduling changes to be posted somwhere prominent in camp -- at
      the barn or the food court -- not at the archery field. This is especially
      important if the event is moved earlier!!

      In Service,

      Warren the Unwarranted
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