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  • James W. Pratt Jr.
    Ok. Ok. I will be the fool. What is the difference between period shooting and modern shooting? I have shot with the best Calontir archers and at Pennsic
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 1999
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      Ok. Ok. I will be the fool. What is the difference between period shooting
      and modern shooting? I have shot with the best Calontir archers and at
      Pennsic and do not feel out classed. Are you talking round color targets at
      know ranges against strange targets at unknown ranges or period equipment
      vers modern?

      You will note that I used WITH not against other archers. In our group we
      help each other get better and more period. We shoot at all the cometitions
      we can.. round, aminal, any range, moving, flying. Any kind of shooting is
      good practice to hone part if not all the different parts that make good
      archers. We try to make shooting better and more period... fun(read this
      with the emphasis on fun). We honor and admire a top shooters weather he
      shoots longbow, crossbow or modern.

      Yes archery is a solitary sport. That is the nice part.. I do not need a
      partner to practice with. Yes I do stay out of flame wars. Yes I real
      enjoyed shooting with my Easter counter parts. I even traded wins (thanks
      Geoffrey it was fun)

      Our groups goal is to have fun at being the best we can be and helping
      others with their goals.

      James Cunningham
      Trying to change the "impression"
      First, in the SCA we archers as a group don't truly prize period shooting as
      skill, we prefer modern shooting.

      Second, we don't appreciate being told to go to a modern shooting group
      because the competition there is too high. Even though those who
      participate in modern archery groups tell us that they folks there are nicer
      than we are.

      Third, we are less tolerant of anyone getting 'in our way' of our scores and
      our personal fun - by God we will not have people inconveniencing us by
      down our lines, be they children or handicapped or whatever.

      And forth, we are not in any way wrong for saying or thinking these things,
      anybody who wants to say so should stick it where the sun don't shine.

      Is this really true? I don't think so. I have talked to too many archers
      have seen differently. But if you put the posts of the past few months
      together, it is easy to see how people could get this impression and hold us
      a group in lower esteem than we deserve.

      In every group there will be a few naysaying hotheads that seem to be louder
      than the rest of the group. It seems that in archery the naysayers are some
      the loudest, shortest-triggered folks out there. I put forth a possible
      for this.

      Unlike fighting (especially in Calontir) which is always a real
      interaction between at least two people, and sometimes a team effort between
      dozens or even hundreds, archery is a solitary sport - not lacking in people
      but lacking in teamwork and interaction between the players while the pure
      sport is practiced. This has led to a subculture where the things that are
      prized highest are awarded for becoming the best solitary player you can
      be -
      nobody gets a Ludicrous Bowman rank for being part of a team or for always
      making the assist in a contest. So for those who hunger for recognition, it
      becomes imperative that the environment they shoot in is as controlled and
      personally organized as possible. Those who have special needs as archers
      don't ever fit into this scenario.

      How can we put things together so that focus is more on learning, research,
      period skill, chivlary and honor (on and off the field) than on scores? If
      could do that , we could truly become better as a group than any other
      organization out there.

      > From: Karl Sandhoff <eulenhorst@...>, on 8/30/1999 7:24 PM:
      > From: Karl Sandhoff <eulenhorst@...>
      > Hear, Hear!! In the language of my more rebellious youth --- Right On!!
      > I whole-hearted agree with you Macsen. In my many years with mundane
      > archery I have worked with many handicapped archers. Handicapped, not
      > unsafe. I have seen archers shooting from wheelchairs, drawing with a
      > release in their teeth because they have only one arm, standing on one
      > leg because they lost the other, and using spotters or sound generators
      > because they are blind. Not one of these archers was unsafe and none of
      > the range staff or the other archers minded. Are we in the SCA so much
      > less courteous than the mundane sportsmen and women that we even have to
      > argue this point? The mundane discussion lasted about ten minutes before
      > being rejected out of hand. These archers work harder at their sport
      > than any of us more "able" archers and deserve all the effort I can give
      > to make their participation possible and enjoyable.
      > Carolus von Eulenhorst
      > On Mon, 30 Aug 1999 21:22:36 -0400 "Bob & Nancy Upson"
      > <wyvern@...> writes:
      > >From: "Bob & Nancy Upson" <wyvern@...>
      > >snip
      > quoting
      > >> So I advise you to "get a grip" and face reality, there are some
      > >things
      > >> the disabled simply can't do and shouldn't try.To insist you can and
      > >to
      > >> further insist that others make "special " rules just for you, I
      > >would find
      > >> insulting.
      > >
      > replying
      > >I am appalled that in this day and age (and in the SCA -- an
      > >organization that allegedly prizes _chivalry_) that *anyone* could
      > >have such a backwards attitude about making reasonable
      > >accomodations towards the disabled.
      > >
      > >Macsen
      > >
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