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Re: [SCA-Archery] Digest Number 399

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  • Brad Boda d'Aylward
    ... From: K. Zerkle ... this ... to ... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ... of ... The best time to shoot the RR is during the local archery
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 2, 2000
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      From: K. Zerkle <kimz@...>

      >Greetings from AEthelmearc...I have been a combat archer for almost a year.
      >It is almost impossible to shoot at competitions because at events they are
      >held during the battles.Our Barony has yet to have a royal rounds shoot
      >year that I know of. How do heavy combat archers get recognized? At most
      >battles we command our group and assist as any other heavy weapon fighters
      >would; also switching fighting forms at times. In AEthelmearc do you have
      >shoot on the royal rounds to get noticed? Competition crossbow instead of
      >heavy combat crossbow on the field of battle? Just curious? I have both
      >types of crossbows and want to shoot both styles.
      >In Service,

      >> The Kingdom of AEthelmearc uses a Red and White tassel to indicate the
      >> of the "Scarlet Guard" High Order of Merit for Archers. And the Kingdom
      >> Artemisia is looking at using tassels for various awards for archers as
      >> THL Gwilym
      The best time to shoot the RR is during the local archery practices. Many
      times I have to decide which I really want to do at an event. Most of the
      time it depends on the event as to whether I'll be fighting or shooting.

      Combat Archery is recognized as any other weapons for in AEthelmearc.
      Recognition will probably not come for only one weapons form but for a
      proficiency in a varied selection of weapons. Shooting RR and fighting
      Archery are apples and oranges; two different animals all together. Good CA,
      in my opinion, could only get better with Royal Rounds and Roving range
      practice. This means a familiarity with the weapon which then can be carried
      onto the battle field. The two are tied together in experience but not in
      kingdom recognition.

      The Scarlet Guard is recognition for the advancement of target archery.
      Heavy weapons awards are separate.

      (The question of which Barony in AE wherein you can't find the local archery
      practice I will address in a private post)

      Lord Brad Boda d'Aylward (AoA, OGA)
      AEthelmearc Combat Archery Commander
      Regional Lt. Gen. Archery Marshall

      Good friends see through the act and still appreciate the performance.
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