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Re: [SCA-Archery] Summer SSAC

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  • John Edgerton
    If anyone had problems, you can read the rules at the SCA Scores site: http://scores-sca.org/public/page.php?R=25&PID=148 Click on the left on SSAC Then click
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      If anyone had problems, you can read the rules at the SCA Scores site: 

      Click on the left on SSAC
      Then click on "Whats next"
      Then click on "Tir Beausault"


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      did anyone else have problems with the graphics and text?

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      Let us start the discussion with the Tir Beaursualt.  My main problem with it is the use of Gardes for stopping stray arrows. This was need when the range was in the middle of a medieval town and stray arrows could hit houses or people.  But, our ranges are set up where this would not happen. The competition would be much easier to set up and run if these were not used. 

      Jaqueline, could you comment on this?


      Rules for SSAC - Proposed-Tir Beursault


      Proposed Shoot

      Le Tir Beursault competition in France was founded back in times when the archers were honored during games in which the winner was proclaimed "king" of the archers of his city. He was exempt from tax for one year and had to give his title the following year to the next "king".
      This Seasonal Archery Challenge is a modification of Le Tir Beursault shoot. The object is to get the highest score by shooting closest to the centre of a 48 cm (19 inch) target face. The archer with the highest score and honours is named the archery king of the branch or region, with Their Majesties various permissions.
      Please read the SSAC General Rules, as these apply to all SSAC shoots. Below are the additional rules for this specific shoot.
      Figure 1 shows a traditional one-lane layout for Le Tir Beursault. It is a long lane, with a target at each end. For this modified One-Way Tir Beursault, only one target will be used to simplify the range requirements. The shooting line is set 50 m from the target. The youth shooting line is set 30 m from the target. The scoring for both adult and youth competitions is the same.
      The straight lane leading up to the target is the Allée du roi, the road of the king. Only the current archery king may use this path to retrieve arrows. All other archers use the Allée des chevaliers, the road of the knights, when retrieving. The one exception to this is granted to children and youth, who use shorter shooting distances on the Allée du roi.
      Parts of the Range Layout
      • Pas de tir - shooting line
      • Butte d'attaque - attack butt
      • Butte maitresse - mistress butt
      • Gardes - walls
      The Gardes are 1 m wide by 4 m high wooden walls, placed perpendicular to the Allées. These help to capture stray arrows. Frames covered with paper or cloth can achieve the same visual effect, and are less expensive to create. Please adjust your range safety if the gardes are made of penetrable materials. Marshal spotters should be stationed at either side of the archery line to have a clear line of sight past the gardes. Flags atop the gardes can add to the pageantry, especially if they represent the heraldry of the archers competing.
      Running the shoot
      Review the SSAC General Rules for the different archery categories for this shoot.
      Before aiming the first arrow, archers are encouraged to recognize their competitors with: "Archers, I salute you," or more correctly, “Mesdames, messieurs les archers je vous salue!” More than ceremony or politeness, it signals an archer is about to shoot.
      Archers can shoot in small groups of five or six. Each archer walks to the line and looses one arrow at the target. When all archers have had their turn at the line, they all walk down to the target to score and retrieve the arrow. See scoring. Thus an archer needs only one good arrow to take part in the competition, or one and a spare. It allows more archers to take part when shooting at only one target.
      All archers return to the shooting line by their respective roads and loose again. If the skill of the archers is high, names could be drawn from a chapeaux at the start of each end to determine the shooting order. A traditional Tir Beursault would have 40 arrows loosed in 20 separate ends at two targets. For the sake of expediency, this modified Tir Beursault will have 12 ends at one target for 12 arrows.
      Running the shoot
      The target is a 48 cm diameter circle, made up of three heavy bordered circles: the rings or ropes. These are called the outer grand cordon, the middle petit cordon or chaplet, and the noir, the small centermost black circle. Figure 2 below shows a fourth ring, which is un-named, between the grand cordon and the petit cordon. The centre of the target should be 1.10 m above the ground.
      Major Rings on the Tir Beursault Target
      • Outer ring is the Grand Cordon 48cm diameter
      • Large ring is 33.5 cm diameter
      • Medium ring is the Petit Cordon 14.5 cm diameter
      • Small dark ring is the Noir 4.2 cm diameter
      Running the shoot
      • 1 point for landing between the grand cordon and the large ring.
      • 2 points for landing between the large ring and the petit cordon.
      • 3 points for landing in the two rings just inside the petit cordon.
      • 4 points for landing in the ring just outside the noir, or anywhere inside the noir.
      In addition to the above, add 1 point for an arrow that lands anywhere in the target, except the grand cordon.
      • An honour for each arrow that lands between the grand cordon and the petit cordon.
      • An honour and a rosary for each arrow that lands between the petit cordon and the noir.
      • An honour, a rosary and a black for each arrow than lands inside the noir.
      The arrow must be fully free and clear in a ring to be counted at that ring’s value. If it touches or crosses a line with a lower-scoring ring, it is counted as the lower score. This is the opposite of scoring Royal Rounds. Touching the grand cordon is worth zero points, and no honour. Touching or landing on the petit cordon counts as 2 points and an honour. Touching or landing on the noir cordon is an exception and counts as 4 full points, an honour, a rosary and a black.
      The archer to win the competition is the one with:
      • The highest number of honours. If a tie, then compare.
      • The highest number of points. If a tie, then compare.
      • The highest number of rosaries. If a tie, then compare.
      • The highest number of blacks.
      A perfect score would be: 60 points, 12 honours, 12 rosaries and 12 blacks.
      The atmosphere of this shoot is one of respect and courtesy. The archers are not adversaries, but a group of friendly competitors gathering to honour the art of archery.

      This shoot was suggested by: Jaqueline Lefleur

    • John Edgerton
      The results of the run-off poll for the Society Seasonal Archery Competition are in: 1: Grouping = 30 2: Wand = 15 These are the combined results from
      Message 54 of 54 , May 24
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        The results of the run-off poll for the Society Seasonal Archery Competition are in:
                                1: Grouping = 30
                                2: Wand       = 15
        These are the combined results from the polls on SCA Archery on Yahoo and SCA Target Archery on Facebook. The competition will start June 1.
        Rules for the Grouping shoot—Summer SSAC

        This shoot is pulled from the old Atlantian Seasonal Challenge. It was a shoot designed to get archers to focus on grouping their arrows.

         Please read the SSAC General Rules ( http://scores-sca.org/public/page.php?R=12&PID=3 ), as these apply to all SSAC shoots. Below are the additional rules for this specific shoot.


        No target face is required, however you are welcome to put almost anything on the target butt to provide a point of reference, except *NO FITA TARGETS* allowed. So, some stickers or post-it notes, an old SSAC target you have kicking around, anything that does not involve concentric circles. It is suggested that archers attempt to place their group of arrows away from other archers, but this is not required.


        For Winter, only 20 yards. For Summer and Spring, 25 yards and 35 yards.


        For each range there are two ends;

        1) Un-timed using 10 arrows,

        2) Timed for 45 seconds unlimited arrows.


        After each end is shot, the archer will determine which single arrow will define a `center` from which to measure a 3 inch radius (6 inch diameter) circle. Any arrow either in or touching the circle gains one point. Any shaft stuck in the frame of the butt or in the ground does not count even if `technically` inside the measured circle (i.e. the `center` of the circle is very low on the butt).


        This shoot was provided by:

        The Atlantian Archery Community, for questions contact:Master Jonathas Jonathas@...


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