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Re: Who is welcome on our Archery Range - Everyone!

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  • Pat
    Outstanding!!! I ve been doing Facebook too long, I was looking for the like button. Moire
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      Outstanding!!! I've been doing Facebook too long, I was looking for the like button.


      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, Doug Copley <doug.copley@...> wrote:
      > ALL Archers are welcome on our range. I have had people show up with all
      > kinds of things, including Alatals! If someone shows up with a compound bow
      > with a 3' stabilizer on it they will get to shoot it! I will encourage them
      > to try one of the bows that would be counted towards one of our
      > classifications but I will not require it. The only thing is that I will
      > not allow them to score an official score that will be posted on the Royal
      > Round page or the IKAC page while they are using their Compound bow.
      > The discussion that we have been talking about is how to properly classify
      > the different styles of equipment within the SCA. None of the discussions
      > have been about eliminating types of bows or types of garb, or types of
      > anything. It is only about how to classify what is being done.
      > When I go to a local Native American Indian Archery Tournament and shoot
      > with my Period Longbow - they classify me as Modern / Open!!!! Their Period
      > Classification is for flat bows:-)
      > So mostly this is about growing pains and how to make sure that we continue
      > to grow and how do we encourage more Period Archery. Unfortunately none of
      > us has THE answer. I believe that most of us are working towards the same
      > goal of having more people shoot.
      > For our Archery Champion Shoot that we just had in Ansteorra we had
      > longbows, recurves, and crossbows all on the line at the same time. Some
      > had fiberglass some did not, but it is an open shoot so anyone can shoot
      > anything they want, except of course Compounds. Targets were from 16 yards
      > to 100 yards:-)
      > So please come out and join us and have fun, we laugh, joke, tease, and
      > have a great time together doing this we love to do!
      > Yours In Service to the Dream
      > Vincenti da Murano
      > Kingdom of Ansteorra
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