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Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Poll questions on a guild

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  • Carolus
    Exactly - the specialty is PERIOD archery. It just happens to be a large specialty with many aspects. In the past we have attempted to be too specific and
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      Exactly - the specialty is PERIOD archery.  It just happens to be a large specialty with many aspects.  In the past we have attempted to be too specific and have lost sight of the period part.

      On 5/27/2013 2:30 PM, willied0296@... wrote:

      We already have this group. It is called the SCA. The whole concept of a guild, is a group for a specific specialty.

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      From: Carolus <eulenhorst@...>
      Date: Mon, 27 May 2013 13:19:35 -0700
      Subject: Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Poll questions on a guild


      As I see it, this proposed guild has, at its core, the purpose of educating and promoting period archery.  If someone is denied the opportunity t learn, they can't achieve.  so we need to open the door to those who want to learn about period archery. Whether they ever shoot a period bow, make a period peice of equipment, or wear period garb doesn't matter, if the people who can teach period archery are here, those who want to learn have to be here, too.  So I would propose that anyone be allowed to be an apprentice.  That is the role of apprentice - a student.  Apprentices don't get the privilege of holding office, voting, wearing badges or insignia, or receiving ranks or recognitions - they get access to our people, knowledge, and any research resources we may have. 

      Past that, I see four lines of progress through the guild:
      1) The Shooter.  This is the archer who shoots a period bow with period tackle and form and shows skill at it.  I don't care if they wear jeans and Nike's or not - the point of this group is shooting.
      2) The Craftsman.  This is the person who makes period replicas and focuses on the technical aspects of period archery What they wear or how they shoot is irrelevant.
      3) The Exemplar.  This is the person who has the garb and social position of the archer down pat.  They are the visual depiction of the period archer.  How they shoot or if they can build gear is irrelevant to this role.
      4) The Academic.  This is the researcher.  This is the person who holds the others together.  They may never get away from their bookcase or armchair but they hold the knowledge.

      I would propose the a member can gain fellow or journeyman rank in any or all of these but needs to be a fellow in all 4 before moving to master or equivalent rank.  Within each of these we can define achievements.  Each fellow would have a badge, and the master another replacing the initial 4.  Internal achievements can have noted on the badge by adding an endorsement. 

      This can be as simple or as complex as the members what it to be.

      On 5/27/2013 10:43 AM, lynn.palmieri wrote:

      In full disclosure, I’ve cast my vote for the guild to be based on many areas, in part based on some of the reasons we’ve seen discussed here.  But here’s my $0.02 motivating this email, with no intent to offend anyone by my words.


      Regardless of how long I’ve been holding a bow, I’m still a relative newbie in terms of experience, and certainly in terms of overall knowledge.  Part of what I love about the SCA is the depth of knowledge and hands on experience so many people bring to this community.  Through the SCA, I’ve been privileged to meet and talk with some of the most knowledgeable people on Archery and other topics and, frankly, I can’t get enough.  I’m not a gregarious person by nature, so I have a difficult time finding these folks other than by accident &/or association.  Having a guild that provides those contacts and that gives me the opportunity to learn from those who have devoted their time and interest in hands on doing and research is invaluable to me.  (Even through this Yahoo group) I cherish the conversation, knowledge and wisdom from people I have interacted with who have spent their time in learning and doing and have been willing to put up with my redundant and naïve questions.  To my mind, these are the folks who make the SCA an invaluable community in and of itself, but even more so, to the world at large.  I find most of these folks devoting time and energy to their communities outside the SCA to spread knowledge and joy in their craft as well.


      As mentioned, what I’d like to see in my ideal world, is a place where each aspect of Archery can come together with the respect it deserves.  We all know if no one makes the equipment, we would not get to play.  Likewise, if no one is excellent with that equipment, we lose a part of the “show” (just as with the heavy fighters).  If we lose the history of this arena, we diminish our experience, wisdom, honor and even variety in the sport.  If no one volunteers to put aside their play to organize and supervise, the rest cannot come together at an event or demonstration.  It takes talent and sharing in all these aspects for each of us to have the best possible enjoyment at something we all love so well.  This demonstrates as true not just in the Archery community, but throughout the whole SCA as is demonstrated by its structure.  I’m working to improve my understanding and ability in all these arenas, knowing even so, I will not obtain more than basic proficiency in any one of them.


      I think a Guild that is open enough as a start to those who show a basic interest in any aspect of archery is necessary.  Most frequently this starts with a score, but not always.  I also think a Guild that respects, values and cherishes all the talents needed for the community to thrive is something of which we would be proud, and for which we should strive.



      Elynor (West Kingdom)



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      Subject: Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Poll questions on a guild



      I think I see a possible solution for entry requirements. If the guild has several areas of interest/activity, then meeting the minimum requirements for any one of them is sufficient to gain membership. Areas and minimums to be decided later. 



  • John Edgerton
    I will leave the poll open till 12:00 PDT tonight to allow any last minute votes. Jon
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      I will leave the poll open till 12:00 PDT tonight to allow any last minute votes. 

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