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Pennsic 42 Archery

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  • Gary & Terri
    Greetings, everyone! I haven t been in the group for a long time, so I hope this gets out... I am the MIC for Pennsic 42 Archery. Many of you know me. I am
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2013
      Greetings, everyone! I haven't been in the group for a long time, so I hope this gets out...
      I am the MIC for Pennsic 42 Archery.  Many of you know me.
      I am currently signing people up to teach classes on the range at P42.
      I am also looking for people to do Novelty shoots 1 or 2 hours long on the Novelty and Family ranges.
      War week (week 2) is filling up.
      If you'd like to run a shoot, or teach a class, please contact me at tshurgin@....
      I need your name, address, cell phone #, if you have one.
      Please be aware week one is not staffed, so if you do a novelty, you need other Archery Marshals to help you.

      The Archery schedule for Pennsic 42 is set.  We start on Sunday 9am, July 28th with staffing and Populace War Points.
      Populace War Points will be shot 5 days, Sunday through Thursday, Aug. 1st.

      We set up on first Monday/Tues. 9am. July 22nd.

      People are allowed to shoot if they bring an Archery Marshal with them. We are not staffed for this week.

      We have a total of 4 War Points. 3 are Populace War Points, 1 is Archery Championship War Point

      Saturday, July 27th, Atlantia takes the range with St. Sebastian shoot. These are novelties shoots that cover the full range.

      Sunday, July 28th starts the Populace War Points:

      We will have 5 days of Populace War Point shoots. There are three shoots. (Total of 3 points)

      1. Castle (1 point)

      2. Window slot (1 point)

      3. Advancing elephants (1 point)

      Each day the total for each of these shoots will be added up.

      The totals of each day will be added up, giving us a Grand Total on Thursday nite for each of the three shoots.

      The Populace shoots will be Sunday thru Thursday.

      The Populace War Point shoot will be open only from 3-5pm on Wednesday, after Archery Championships (1 point)

      All other days, practice for War Points will be 9-11am; Populace War Points will start at 11am until 5pm.

      You are allowed to shoot up to one time per day.

      Archery Championships are on Wed. from 9am to 2pm.  Muster is at 8am.
      Anyone wishing to be on the two Pennsic Archery Championship Teams of 40, plus alternates, need to attend combined practices, Sat, Sunday and Monday from 5-7pm.
      Teams are Mid and allies; and East and allies.

      Sincerely yours,
      Mistress Forester Roewynne Langley,
      Lt. General of Archery for Midrealm
      MIC for Pennsic 42 Archery

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