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  • John Edgerton
    The next Society Seasonal Archery Challenge is soon upon us at the end of the month. If you have any new competitions to add to the list of possible shoots,
    Message 1 of 38 , Mar 6, 2013
      The next Society Seasonal Archery Challenge is soon upon us at the end of the month. If you have any new competitions to add to the list of possible shoots, please submit them as soon as possible.  

      We will be voting to decide the next shoot starting March 24 and you will have till the 27 to get your vote in. 


      The Society Seasonal Archery Challenge (SSAC), inspired by the Seasonal Challenge in Atlantia, is to provide more variety in SCA wide archery competitions. The competition is sponsored by the incipient SCA archery guild.

      The purpose of the SSAC is to provide a series of interesting archery competitions that test different shooting skills. The current scores of the competitors will be posted on the SCA Scores Site, so that all archers will be able to compare their scores against other archers, society wide, in a variety of archery skills. At the end of each year, archers will be able to see the overall standings of all archers in each competition as well as their overall standings in all four of the year`s competitions.

      Is there a Community List?

      Much that goes on in the SCA Archery community including proposed future SSAC shoots and much much more can be found on the Yahoo email list [SCA_Archery], please consider joining.

      Creating a Seasonal Competition

      There have been many good competitions mentioned over the years in posts to the SCA-Archery. The goal is to pick some of those that are suitable for a SSAC and set up a schedule so that all may shoot them for some friendly competition. Each shoot needs to be easy to reproduce, set up, run, and score. Different shoots should test a different aspect of archery skill such as; accuracy, speed, distance, moving targets, different shooting positions, etc. Shoots should not require too much time to shoot, so that they will fit into most event schedules and also be possible to shoot more than once in the same day if the marshal in charge wishes.

      Thought should be given as to different divisions, e.g. Open and Period and different categories, e.g. hand-bow, crossbow, period, youth, etc. In addition, some small prizes such as scrolls or tokens may be given to the top scoring archers in each division. The type of scroll or token and the number awarded is up to the originator of the competition. In order not to lose time for the Spring competition, I have already set up a competition.

      The SSAC`s will test a variety of skills and archers should be encouraged, but not required, to shoot in as many divisions of each competition as they can, either with their own different bows e.g. modern recurve, period longbow, crossbow, etc, or with borrowed equipment if it is available.

      The scores will indicate those archers that excel in more than one weapons form. The competitions could be shot more than once per day, if time allows, allowing archers to shoot more than one score per day and to shoot using more than one weapons form if they wish. An archer may shoot a period hand-bow or crossbow in the Open Divisions. However, they may not shoot a non-period bow in the period divisions.

      If you have a competition that you would like to have used for the SSAC, please post it to the SCA-Archery group or to Sir Jon. There anyone with comments or suggestions for improving it may post their comments and the originator of the competition many make any changes that they feel would improve the shoot. Once a shoot is reviewed by the group will add it to the shooting schedule where it seems appropriate to either the weather or the theme of the shoot. Master Jonathas will act as the Scorekeeper to manage the shoots and individual scores.

      Each new competition would be announced two weeks in advance of starting. Each competition will last for three months. They would be: Spring, April 1 to June 30. Summer, July 1 to September 30. Fall, October 1 to December 31. Winter, January 1 to March 31. Any competition for the winter months should be able to be shot indoors, with a twenty-yard maximum range. Word of the competition would be forwarded to all the other archery lists and to the kingdom archery officers. Those who have a competition should be encouraged to join this group and post it here.

      General Rules

      These General Rules apply to all SSAC component shoots. The various component shoots will have their own rules and target definitions within this framework.

      There are two categories: Open and Period. Each category has two divisions: Handbow and crossbow. There will be a Youth competition as well. The ranges, targets, etc. would be adjusted accordingly for the youth competition within each shoot. The definition of `Youth` will follow those of the Youth Division of the IKAC, however due to the timeframe of each shoot there will only be a single overall youth division.

      The equipment rules for the Open and Period divisions would follow those of the IKAC for handbows and crossbows with the exception of the Period Crossbow Division which is defined as the following. To be classify as a Period Crossbow all the following conditions must be met: 1) The stock must be made of wood. 2) It may not have a rifle-style butt. 3) It may not have a modern style lock (period forms of self-resetting mechanisms are fine, however) or a modern style trigger. 4) It may not have modern style sights, but may have a period style rear sight only (no front sight allowed).

      Questions regarding the competition should be addressed to the originator of the competition, whose contact information will be included in the rules, and to Sir Jon to be ensure the clarifications are published to the SCA-Archery group.The rules for each of the SSAC shall be determined by the originator of the competition, but should fall within the guildines of the General Rules and the guidance of the SCA-Archery group (This may become members of the SCA Archery Guild.)

      The rules for the Crossbow Divisions may vary from the rules for the Handbow divisions. However, the rules for the Open and Period Handbow divisions will remain the same, as will the rules for the Open and Period Crossbow divisions.

      Scores will be submitted to the SCA Scores Site for tabulation within two weeks of being shot. All information required by each competition must be included or the scores may be considered void, this includes; Event Name and Host, Event Date, Marshal, as well as the Archers Home Group, Mundane, and Scadian names.

      The winners of each division will be determined only by the highest score of each archer in the division. There will be no `three score average` for the SSAC. No winning kingdoms, only friendly competition among like minded archers. Though kingdoms are encouraged to recognize their archers approprately.

      What is the 'Easy to Remember' address for this site?


      Brought to you by,
      Sir Jon
      SCA-Archery group Moderator
    • James Koch
      Jon Et Al, ... Thanks for the quick response. What were the rules for that shoot? ... Jim Koch Gladius The Alchemist ... Jon Et Al, ... Thanks for the quick
      Message 38 of 38 , Sep 22 4:48 PM
        Jon Et Al,
        Thanks for the quick response.  What were the rules for that shoot? 
        Jim Koch "Gladius The Alchemist"
        >At 07:11 PM 9/22/2014, you wrote:

        Lucky target.

        On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 3:24 PM, James Koch alchem@... [SCA-Archery] < SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

        John Et Al,
        What was the name of the target/shoot consisting of a large square
        divided like tic-tac-toe into nine smaller squares numbered 1 through
        9? We have been shooting that lately just for fun.
        Jim Koch "Gladius The Alchemist"

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