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New SCA Archery Newsletter

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  • LindaRose Myers
    This version of our Mission Statement may be easier for you to read: *Quivers & Quarrels* *Exploring the Known World of Traditional Target and Combat Archery*
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 14, 2013
      This version of our Mission Statement may be easier for you to read:

      Quivers & Quarrels

      Exploring the Known World of
      Traditional Target and Combat Archery

      This publication offers a forum for members of the SCA community in our quest to perfect our skills, while also exploring how traditional target and combat archery were practiced in the pre-17th century world. 

      Our use and practice of these weapons evolves and is enriched as we discover more about the past.

      Regular features will include:  The Medieval Archer: exploring historical practices and uses; Kingdom Notes:  Local and Regional Events Calendar; Ask the Expert: featuring Q & A’s and tips from our best practitioners; What’s New in Combat Archery? keeping us current on rules and equipment, Buy/Sell/Trade Classifieds and Archer of the Month –featuring profiles and photos of local heroes; IKAC and SSAC Score Listings; Notes from the Marshals and Local Archery Practice Schedules. 

      Who doesn’t love a winner?!  From time to time, we will feature contests and prizes.

      Members of our society possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  Please share yours with the populace! 

      The newsletter will be published quarterly at the turning of the seasons, and available through local groups and on the society website at http://enewsletter.sca.org/.  Submission deadlines are Feb 20 for the spring edition; May 20 for summer; August 20 for fall, and November 20 for the winter edition. 

      We welcome your contributions!  

      Submissions email:  scaarcherynewsletter@yahoogroups.com

      Lady Ouregan filia Flaviani
      (Linda-Rose Myers)
      P.O. Box 341697
      Los Angeles, CA 90034


      Lord Gaelen O'Gradaigh
      (Kevin Kern)
      4204 Bucyrus Iberia Road
      Caledonia, OH 43314


      Lady Emma Reuschell
      (Marie Cowan)
      6 Wheaton Center
      Wheaton, IL 60187

      Art Director:
      THL Crisftofanus Castellani
      (Christopher Hall)
      Captain of Archers, CAID


      The editors of the new SCA wide archery newsletter  are looking for additional articles. If you have written any articles on target or combat archery, have current write-ups or photos of archery events, would like to write some in the future or for further information, please send your email to:

      Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf, West

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