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Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Bowyer (Bow Making) Class

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  • Ld.blackmoon
    greetings there are many such opportunities if people look around , there is ojam in Oklahoma and mojam in Missouri , and I m sure many others out there. where
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 29, 2013
      there are many such opportunities if people look around , there is ojam in Oklahoma and mojam in Missouri , and I'm sure many others out there.
      where one can learn to make bows , of  both laminate ( no fiberglass ) and self bow types. as well as other primitive living skills. for a relatively minimal financial cost : )
       ( I made an Osage selfbow cost me about 30 hours and $100.00 ( $20 membership, $80 stave ) , I have a bamboo backed epay laminate cost me about 10 hours and $70. )
      yes as you get more experienced it takes less time  : )  but show me where I can go buy a custom self or laminate bow to my specs for even the combined cost of both my bows ?
      anyway , you may even be able to locate a bowyers and fletchers guild in an sca group somewhere near you  : )
      where ever you can get the chance to learn this stuff , please go, ( and bring friends , it's nice to chat while you work ; ) it's actually a lot of fun , and worth every penny you put into it, even on those sad occasions when that almost finished bow develops a sudden hinge, or commits suicide due to a hidden flaw , its still a teaching moment ( even if frustrating at the time : / )
      Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .
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      From: Michael
      Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 9:41 AM
      Subject: [SCA-Archery] Re: Bowyer (Bow Making) Class


      Good Gentles,
      I received some very good questions in response to my post. Following are the questions, and the response I received from my friend:

      1) would classes be on weekday or weekends?
      2) how many sessions?
      3) how long between sessions?
      4) what costs would be associated with the class?
      5) what tools will be provided?
      6) what tools will we need to bring?
      7) what questions have I missed?
      8) please answer the questions that are the answers to question 7.
      Weekend. Right now, most likely Feb/March

      possibly 2 sessions

      Fr/Sa, adjustable.

      Cost depends on how much hands on VS how much lecture - I can lecture and demo for fairly cheap - more hands on means more materials and more cost.

      More hands on means a list of tools to purchase, at a reasonable cost, which you bring/keep.

      The biggest question missed is:
      What kind of bow/arrow making class do most want?
      Overview of many types and designs, with a purpose of deciding what direction I would most like to focus, perhaps for another class;
      Why do I want to take such a class, is it to be able to protect and feed my family when the only thing left we can own is sticks;
      I think old tech is cool and I always wanted to know 'how does that work';
      I have X type of equipment and I'm looking for direction on changing to Y type or I need to get better at hitting where I want
      If you have any further questions, you can email [me] directly at
      arrow@..., or go to my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/PurpleArchery for more info/questions.
      Taken from the FB page:
      Options: Hands-On vs. Lecture
      Hands-On means narrow focus, one bow type, a list of tools to bring/buy, lots of work, class feels short really quickly, higher $ cost per customer. Main advantages: real physical experience in making bow and arrow, smaller class; But, may not be the type you really want.
      Lecture + some hand-on means wide overview, lots of notes and questions, several bow types, several arrow types, few if any tools needed, a small amount of work, class will be shorter, much lower $ cost. Main advantages: lower cost, enough information to decide what kind of class or information you really want or need, pointer to what to do next; But you will have limited real physical experience, larger class.
      Combo Class - somewhere in between. This would mean a that your physical experience would be hands-on but short, because each student would get to do a few passes at each step. Medium class size. Some lecture for the overview. Small amounts of hands-on into different methods.
      Focus Class - Hands-On with specific focus. The collection of students knows exactly what they want and are looking for specific time set aside to gain knowledge, test skills, and benefit from advanced supervision.
      God Bless,
      Miles Boweman (mundane: Michael Iurilli)
      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "Michael" wrote:
      > Greetings,
      > For anyone interested, I have a friend who is willing to teach a bowyer class, which will run when enough people sign up. Looking for 8-15 people to make it worthwhile.
      > > There will be class-work, as well as hands-on if people are interested. Small cost to cover time and materials.
      > > Location: central NJ, USA.
      > > If anyone is interested, please email me at mviurilli@... with suggested topics, or questions.
      > > God Bless,
      > Miles Boweman (mundane: Michael Iurilli)

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