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  • Jude Harrison
    The Womens Korean Archery Team also practices in a morgue. They also practice underground, in a sewar shooting with raw sewage, dead animals, up to their
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 23, 2012
      The Womens' Korean Archery Team also practices in a morgue.  They also practice underground, in a sewar shooting with raw sewage, dead animals, up to their knees flowing past. 
      They practice anywhere...
      But on another note.  Schedualling helps make archery exciting.  Here in Avacal we have a very strong archery culture and our Royalty often watch.  One year we had a Friend and Foe shoot.
      The target was taken from photos, and a life sized accurate drawing was made of King Sven as the Foe and Vik (now An Tir King) as the Friend (he was Champion of Avacal at the time).  They winced, and moaned and heckled as arrows hit them.
      The target was amazingly lifelike picture of two warriors in the heat of battle wearing the An Tir and Avacal tabards. 
      Both His Majesty Sven and Vik were there to watch the speed round elimination until it was down to one archer left standing.  
      Vik kept the target. 
      In Artemesia, at an event called Whipping Winds the target archery impacts the first two scenarios of the war.
      Targets are set up at York Round (ok, maybe a bit closer at 70 yards).  Archers do not know which side they are shooting for.  Armies line up behind the archers.  A call of Knock, Draw, and Loose is done 3x, one for each side of the Battle for a total of six volleys at the distant targets.
      The targets are advancing soldiers. Each head shot results in a dead warrior in the first scenarios.  They ham it by grabbing their helms, groaning and pitching forward.  Arms, legs, etc result in a corresponding loss of an arm or a leg. 
      With 25 plus archers hammering at a distant target, its pretty cool.  Two scenarios are run wth the archery casualties for each side being displayed by the actual combatents on the field.  Who you (as an archer) are shooting at is kept secret by the marshal so archers from both sides actually try and score the targets.
      The armored combatents really get into hamming up their injuries, yelling at the archers as they loose at the targets and its all in good fun.  Its a great way to get the two communities working together.

      We must learn to live together as brothers
      or perish together as fools.

      ~ Martin Luther King Jr

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      > I have heard it said
      > that the Korean? Archery Team
      > (Olympic) Practices at an amusement park
      > under the idea that if they can shoot with
      > rushing roller coasters and screaming people
      > that they can handle the Chinese ETC heckling them
      > I like to keep it to a dull roar. With the exception of Timed rounds I/We usually try to keep it quiet enough to hear the count
      > Chat& etc I do find Though that I sometimes
      > Accidentally use my heralds /marshals voice.
      > is
      > Johann
      > An Tir
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