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Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Possible SSAC shoots? popinjay? Blunts?

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  • Jonathas
    As Anselm describes this shoot being shot two different ways, I have entered two Proposaled SSAC s for it. The first is a straight up shoot the target and
    Message 1 of 23 , Jun 25 6:54 AM
      As Anselm describes this shoot being shot two different ways, I have entered two Proposaled SSAC's for it.  The first is a straight up shoot the target and record your score as he describes in his second variant.  This one is in as "Proposed - Blunts" http://www.scores-sca.org/public/scores_rules.php?R=25&Shoot=125

      For Anselm's first suggestion, the Scores Site does have a "Competitive" style of shoot where two individuals face off against one another (without ever having to be in the same place at the same time) and submit a score.  To make sure the shoot actually ends I added that each end bumps back 5 yards. The site will declare the higher of those two scores the winner of that Challenge.  Each archer gets one competition point for entering, and the winner gets a second competition point.  To win the overall shoot it is these competition points that matter, so you need to shoot to win but one great score only gets you 2 points, so you also have to shoot a bunch. This one is in as "Proposed - Blunts Challenge" http://www.scores-sca.org/public/scores_rules.php?R=25&Shoot=126

      Hope this makes sense, it was modeled after an Armored Bear Pit.


      On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 4:02 AM, Nicholas Calabria <ncalabria88@...> wrote:

      There is a shoot we do in the Barony of Ynys Fawr in the Kingdom of Lochac using combat blunts.  The target has a hole 14 cm diameter. 

      There are two different ways of scoring.  One competition only recognises arrows which pass through the hole.  Each archer has 10 shots.  If at least one shot passes through the hole then that archer carries on to the next round.  This continues until there is only one archer left who is the winner.  Each shot and miss is recorded so you can do a countback for second and third.  If time is running short then you can use the golden arrow rule ie for the round decided to be the last round (with two or more archers still in the competition) each archer shoots an arrow and the first through wins.  If two or more get it through then shoot again till you have an outright winner. 

      The other competiton using the same target still has 10 shots each archer per round.  The scoring is different.  Any arrow (blunt) through the hole is 5 points and any arrow that hits the target (but not the frame) gains one shot each.  Any miss, dropped arrow, hitting the frame results in a zero score for that arrow.  There can be as many rounds as you wish to have.  This is normally decided before the shoot depending on numbers of archers and time available etc.  We normally have 3 rounds per shoot but it does vary.  This is good training for our combat archers.

      The distance of the shoot is normally 30 meters (but could be 30 yards for USA/SCA standard).  We have done the shoot at 20 meters when there have been children involved in the shoot or just to have some variation.  The arrows (blunts) are 28 inches plus the blunt and feathers or vanes can be used but the shafts are wooden with fibre tape around it.  Nocks are normally plastic. 

      Just a variation on a theme. 

      Shoot well,

      Anselm da Calabria
      Barony of Ynys Fawr

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