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Re: [SCA-Archery] xbow rules?

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  • Siegfried
    I believe you have missed my point John. My point was that this is no different than handbow people deciding between a 80lb shelfless bow for flatter
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 13, 2012
      I believe you have missed my point John. My point was that this is no
      different than handbow people deciding between a 80lb shelfless bow for
      flatter trajectory & accuracy, or a 25lb bow w/ a shelf for speed.

      Each has their advantages & disadvantages. Each will be better for
      different types of shoots.

      The crossbowman who takes 1 minute per shot to prepare, may (or may not)
      win a competition at an event that happens to be all about 1 shot
      accuracy. I've been at those. (I've also been at those where the
      handbow guy won).

      Currently, at least in Atlantia, our marshals have gotten very very very
      very good, at designing days full of shooting that highly balance the
      'accuracy' vs 'speed' approaches, regardless of whether due to bow
      choice or otherwise.

      I highly approve of this approach, so that I can shoot with my friends
      and enjoy a day at the range, with good hearted ribbing between the
      crossbow & handbow & accurate vs speedy folks regardless.

      It's part of what makes SCA Archery so precious to me. Attempting to
      'separate out' the 2 crossbowmen who have decided to do a mechanical
      assist shoot for whatever reason, into their own thing ... doesn't serve
      that 'one big archery community' mentality that we have, at least in


      On 3/12/12 2:56 PM, John Edgerton wrote:
      > Some late period lock systems are much slower to reset. And if they can
      > not be cocked by hand take even longer. If someone is using a period
      > belt hook, lever, goats foot, cranquin, or windless (why they would want
      > to use a windless, I do not know :-) ) they are going to take much
      > longer that a bow that is cocked by hand. Most crossbows in period used
      > some form of mechanical assist, should we only encourage crossbows that
      > are faster to shoot? We do not need the heavy draw weights at the
      > distances we shoot, but the use of cocking devices adds to the medieval
      > look on the range. Should someone that builds a late period crossbow
      > with a advanced lock system and cocks it with a goats foot be penalized
      > when shooting against someone with a self resetting simple lock, light
      > weight bow that can get off five times a many arrows in a timed end?
      > Part of the great effectiveness of handbows was the number of arrows
      > they could get off. Crossbows were not intended for rapidity but
      > accuracy. I would rather see crossbows compete for accuracy than for
      > speed of shooting.
      > Jon
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      > And some bow shooters get off only 4 in a timed end and are choosing to
      > use 80lb bow with self-nocks and 3-fletch arrows ... other shooters have
      > specifically chosen a 25lb bow with a shelf, snap-nocks, and 4-fletch
      > arrows and are getting off 10+ ... others have been known to use
      > 2-fletch arrows, stick their arm through their bow to draw two arrows at
      > a time, and get off over 24.
      > To each their own preference.
      > Siegfried ~-|**|PrettyHtmlEnd|**|-~-->

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