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Re: [SCA-Archery] What is the SCA Scores Site?

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  • Jonathas
    It is all in one relational database. So the shoot configurations are in one table, the individual scores are in a table, the averages are in a table, names
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      It is all in one relational database.  So the shoot configurations are in one table, the individual scores are in a table, the averages are in a table, names are in a table, etc,  etc.

      What is it you are looking for?  I'm always up for a fun challenge (after I get the changes done for Sir Jon and the SCA Seasonal Challenge SSC).


      On Mar 2, 2012 4:05 PM, "James Koch" <alchem@...> wrote:

      Are these scores in a spreadsheet or data base that can be searched?  Is there one master data base, or would a person have to search all of the Kingdoms individually?
      Jim Koch "Gladius The Alchemist"
      >At 10:08 AM 3/2/2012, you wrote:


      Greetings unto the list,

      Recently in response to information requests by Sir Jon, the SCA Scores Site ( www.scores-sca.org ) which I maintain has been mentioned several times.  And due to the several people have asked what it is, what it does, and where it came from.

      Over a decade ago, when I was barely some upstart Marksmen new to the Kingdom, I built a little website to speed up the process of getting a Royal Round score from the range into each archer's Official Average, which originally typically took nearly 3 months and lots of paper. Once that site was in full use, the same process dropped to typically taking less then a week, and when all the marshals align it can be done in a single evening. Over the years many new features were added to that site, to include; tools to help the Deputy Earl Marshal better manage the Badges which needed to be given out, a new type of standardized shoot which could easily be changed, then Atlatl was added as a new "class" of archery shoot which doubled all the tools needed, and using all the recorded data many other fun tools and statistics.

      After a while a neighboring kingdom, and former home, took notice of the Atlantian site and asked if it would be possible to setup a similar site for them as well. So the Aethelmearc site was born with all of the features from the Atlantian site at the time, but customized to Aethelmearc's version of the Royal Round. As time went on and new features were added to the Atlantian site, some of those were also added to the Aethelmearc site, some were not due to the differences in the sites. Over time the two sites became more and more different, so became more and more difficult to maintain and add new features to. When three other groups requested sites of there own at nearly the same time, the Kingdom of Trimaris, the Principality of The Summits and the Atlantian Thrown Weapons it became obvious that a new completely rebuilt version of the site was overdue. A version which could handle all the scores from practically any marshalled activity in various Kingdoms and Communities, yet was flexible enough to handle the differences in the way each calculated their averages and displayed their rankings. This version would re-use as many of the forms and display pages as possible, yet allow for completely custom pages where needed. And finally would allow the many scorekeepers out there to easily get their Kingdom/Community's scores published online. Nearly a year of development and testing later, the new version of the scores site went live with the Kingdoms of Atlantia and Aethelmearc and the Principality of The Summits, followed by Trimaris a few weeks later.

      That was the summer of 2008, since then several other Kingdoms have chosen to use the scores site to host their archery scores and a few have branched out and use it for Thrown Weapons as well.  With the sites versatility, and a good bit of customization, the IKAC began using the site with the 2009 season.

      While I maintain the site, the Kingdom and Scorekeeper/DEM/Captain completely own their own portion of the site.  They have control to create their own shoots, weapons, ranks, marshal accounts, and everything else needed.  The site provide the underlying site, all the record keeping, mathematical averaging, and repetitive junk, so that the Kingdoms don't need to deal with coding their own site only to focus on creating and running their Kingdom's shoots.  I'm more the happy to help as much or as little as needed, some haven't needed anything after getting started others I hear from monthly.  The other great thing about having the combined site is that when one person has an idea for a new style of shoot or a new way to calculate an average, once I add the functionallity it becomes available to all.  For Example: I created the serial style of shoots (a bunch of shoots lumped togeather under one umbrella shoot) for the Atlantian Seasonal Challenge, Aethelmearc used it to create their own Scarlett Guard Challenge.  And each new idea sparks ideas from others, For Example: Mid took the idea of the serial shoot and asked for a shoot where the winners of each individual shoot gets points based on where they placed and generate a overall winners list, this was created as a "finalist" shoot.  And there are many other types of shoots built into the system as well. The site can also manage ranks and who has earned a new/higher badge/tassel based on the archers current and highest averages.  Other tools and utilities happen in the background, like recalculation of averages to take out outdated scores, emails fly around like crazy if desired, marshal roster maintenance, etc, etc.

      This may sound like an advertisement to drum up more support, it isn't by any means. This is just how I could best use my professional skills to benefit the archery community.  That said, should anyone wish to look into moving to the site please let me know, I'd be happy to give you a tour.

      In Service,
      Baron Jonathas

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