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Re: [SCA-Archery] Champions shoot, etc.

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  • Ronald Klick
    Greetings fellow archers and marshals. The Barony of Stonemarche has had, since its inception, a Baron and Baroness and a Champion for each.  A Baronial
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 28, 2012
      Greetings fellow archers and marshals.

      The Barony of Stonemarche has had, since its inception, a Baron and Baroness and a
      Champion for each.  A Baronial Archery Champions Tournament is held each year, run
      by the two current champions, to choose the champions for the next year. We also have
      a competition for Golden Arrow. This is open for all novice archers that have not won it
      before, and have not achieved the rank of marksman. (In the East Kingdom RR average of
      40+)   Some 8 years ago, we also began holding a competition open to archers age 14 and
      under, for Baronial Youth Archery Champion. The prize for this has been a dozen arrows
      for a youth archer (in Baronial colors, 28", spine 30lbs, 5/16"shafts, 100g field points) to
      encourage continuing in archery.  I also host a 3D shoot in Garb in July each year, at a
      Local 3D club. They enjoy having us come in each summer, and it is a lot of fun practice!

      Osmond de Berwic
      Deputy Captain of Archers, Barony of Stonemarche
      Northern Peaks Region
      East Kingdom

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      Subject: [SCA-Archery] Champions shoot, etc.

      M'lords, M'ladies,

      Here at the Shire of Glenn Linn (EK), we host a champion's tournament at our main summer event, the Northern Region War Camp. Friday, a night shoot by torchlight; Saturday, basically the same shoot in daylight, except more targets at varying distances and sizes. Points are earned for part of the tournament. Since, on Friday, some archers have yet to arrive, and, on Saturday, some archers fight heavy list or host A&S classes, we hold an invitational-only shoot-off Saturday afternoon. The m-i-c, hopefully with the assent of our shire's other marshals, chooses the top 10 archers, based on their nighttime or daytime scores (not combined scores). Last year, an eleventh archer, a youth, was added because he had, perhaps just luckily, hit an almost impossible target in the night shoot. Our championship round is: one archer at a time until all 10 have shot; two arrows each; at a traditional target at 20 yards. At the end of each round, the furthest arrow is eliminated, and the shooting at this distance continues until until five archers remain. Then, the five archers shoot two arrows at 30 yards, again, one arrow arrow is eliminated each time until two archers remain. Then, the remaining two archers shoot two arrows each at 40 yards, eliminating one arrow each time until one arrow each or one archer remains. If one arrow each remains, then they shoot one arrow each at 50 yards, and the closest arrow to the center wins. A token of our appreciation (like bees wax or soap from some of our shire members) is given to each of the top ten archers at the archery range prior to the shoot off. At Royal Court, the night champion receives a small black arrow, tinged with gold on the fletching edges; the day champion receives a slightly longer white arrow, with fletching edges of gold; the overall champion is awarded "The Golden Fletch," a slightly longest arrow, painted in gold, with one of its fletching edges painted black, the other two edges painted white. Each of the arrows are recycled broken arrows, re-pointed and too short to shoot, upon which are the words, "NRWC [number] Shire of Glenn Linn," and "Day Champion," "Night Champion," or "Tournament Champion," whichever is appropriate.

      Last year, our tournament included "Castle Fiona," with pop-up targets between the crenelations. See "photos" on this message board.

      At other events, we have shot at targets submerged three feet deep in a stream, held a "blinded archer" shoot at a dragon, re-created William Tell's apple-on-a-kid's head shoot with an Hapsburg-Austrian overseer as a bonus target, shot at straw scarecrow figures, and a herd of Killer Rabbits.

      And we always have an "archery presence," even at events that don't include archery. Always be there, and you'll be expected to be there.

      T'mas na Ui Naill na Boghdoireacht
      Archery Officer, Shire of Glenn Linn
      Deputy Commander, Northern Peaks Region
      East Kingdom

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