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injury update

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  • richard johnson
    Update. After listening to everyone s thoughts, I took my family out to the range last weekend and Shea drove another feather through her hand. I went very
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2012
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      After listening to everyone's thoughts, I took my family out to the range last weekend and Shea drove another feather through her hand.
      I went very slow, checked my form and technique and found this to be the problem:
      1)  when I drew the bow, I had a tendency to roll my fingers inward as i clutched the string.
      This caused the string to roll counterclockwise and pull the arrow off the rest.
      I would then twist my hand up to hold the arrow with my finger and when I released, the arrow would fall off the rest and caress my hand.
      Normally this was unnoticed BUT when I had a vane that had a rough leading edge, it would scrape the hand and cause the injury.
      Once I realized that was happening, I adjusted my technique to prevent the twist of the string and everything went well.
      PLUS, I got better groupings<g>
      2)  With Shea's bow,  she has no rest so I talked her into going with me to the Swap Meet (she hates swap meets but loves antique store) where I found an indian who was selling old western antiques, including a lot of antlers and turkey feathers (for art projects)
      He had a box of antler pieces for $1 each scrap or $10 for the box (some 30 pieces that ranged from a couple inches to easily 8" so I bought the box so we could make her a rest with plenty of extras if we messed up.
      3)  He also had bags of turkey wing feathers, his brother was  a hunter, but at $1 each, I could not afford any but thought about this.
      Arizona has a Spring and Fall Turkey hunting season....
      Some people in Tucson raise chickens, ducks and geese for eggs.
      So I did a Craigslist search for Turkeys and found someone who sells turkey eggs... 
      ...I sent her a letter asking if I could buy her wing feathers when they molted in the spring.  Combined with the Goose feathers I will be getting from Colleen, I may have enough to do some decent fletching even if I ruin half my feathers.
      ...Just before the Spring turkey Season, I will post a message asking hunters to save for me the wing feathers.
      IF you people out there have a turkey season or local farmers, you may wish to consider this as a means of collecting a steady supply of feathers!
      Thank you for all the help!
      And if the feathers thing works out, I can send a few off to people.

      Rick Johnson
      "Those who give up a little freedom in return for a little imagined security will soon find that they have neither."
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