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  • richard johnson
    The thing is that I ve fought in a lot of tournaments using broadsword, mace, shortsword, greatsword and pretty much every possible weapon the SCA allowed (and
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      The thing is that I've fought in a lot of tournaments using broadsword, mace, shortsword, greatsword and pretty much every possible weapon the SCA allowed (and a few not allowed).  I've competed in a few archery tournaments too.
      And back then we never had to know how to repair a bow or arrow.  I don't think I knew anyone in the kingdom who could make an arrow, though I knew one guy who claimed to have made his own longbow. today I wonder about that claim.
      But I never went into that tourney to win.  I went in to have fun!  And I usually had that fun!  Loosing, winning.. all the same to me.  Give the guy the road is better than getting into an accident.  Conceding a fight is less aggrivating than arguing over a blow that was too light.  if he was that intense and obnoxious, give him the win and ruin his helm in the next fight<g>.
      Since then I've ran a number of kayak races and never went in to win either.  I was there for the t-shirt and the fun of the thing.  note: getting stuck in a whirlpool is NOT fun which is why I gave up kayak racing for years!
      Now that I am returning to archery, I find that knowing how to make and repair arrows, tune a bow and all the supporting skills are NOW vital to the sport,  We NEVER tuned our bows or arrows back-in-the-day.  We just grabbed arrows and a bow and had fun.
      Fortunatly, I am actually enjoying learning how to fletch arrows, modify and finish a bow and all that other stuff we never even cared about before.  Someday I may even start making bowstrings and bows and arrows from scratch.  Ok, probably not on the bow.  I have scars fron a couple bad bows I made that snapped at draw.
      But for now, I am settling down and having fun.  If I place my arrows i na nice group in the center of the target, great. if not, well and good because if i am not enjoying myself, why do it and chasing after an arrow that missed can be fun.. if my attitude is right.  I never could stand those people who stressed out because they placed third.  I figure that if I placed 10 out of 12 i was doing good<g> so long as i enjoyed the match. 
      Of course, that is why I left fighting and archery in SCA.  too many people were taking it too seriously and the fashion police were showing up and you had to have the right gear and the right technique...  Goddess! It was like paddling with nancy kanu.  She owned her own kayak school and would not let anyione go on the water until she taught them the RIGHT way to hold their paddle and wore the RIGHT clothes.  hey! If you are going forward and having fun, you are douing it right. Anythign and everything else is just frosting.
      So It stopped being fun and i put my bow away (having had my armor stolen by my former best SCA friend helped give up fighting).
      So now i'm back. I'm making costumes again.  Exploring making all the support gear for a good event (drop spindles, ivory needles etc for the women, similar things for me such as medieval archery gear) is especially enjoyable.
      So far you guys have taught me a lot.  Thank you for that.  And i am learnign more every day!  Again ,thank you.
      And once we solve this injury problem, I'll really try to have fun again<g> at the events.

      Rick Johnson
      "Those who give up a little freedom in return for a little imagined security will soon find that they have neither."
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