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Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Period Target

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  • Joe LaTorre
    For those interested in seeing what we re talking about, I ve uploaded a photo of Abner s target to Yahoo groups (file name Double headed eagle target ):
    Message 1 of 9 , Dec 21, 2011
      For those interested in seeing what we're talking about, I've uploaded a photo of Abner's target to Yahoo groups (file name "Double headed eagle target"):

      Joseph de la Tour, West KIngdom

      On Dec 21, 2011, at 9:42 AM, John Edgerton wrote:



      I have seen  your double headed eagle target, it is quite good.  I would like to see the eagle colored in that would be most attractive.

      I believe that the drawings you mentioned can also be seen in my paper on Medieval and Renaissance archery targets and contests in the files section of this group.



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      Greetings to All. I've been following this Period target stuff for a while now. I have come across some woodcuts of bowmen and crossbowmen shooting at birds! One was of an archer shooting what seems to be a rooster on a perch. One was a crossbowman shooting a  bird sitting in a small tree about chest high? The one above also shows about the same height off the ground. The third picture is a scene of crossbowmen shooting at a large round butt in front of a long building. There is a man standing next to the butt,REAL close, obviously scoring the shots. There are 3 shafts in a round target. No design is visible on the target. These pics were found on Wikipedia. If someone were to put a drawing of a rooster on a 60 cm circle, I'm sure it would do the job! It would difinately be unusual. Remember the wreath shoot? A picture of a wild non-endangered wreath, 1/8" black line inside of circle for scoring in/out. In good-out not. Maybe small center ring, gold?, just for fun? Wreath could be done on 60cm. face, scoring 2-4-8, as on normal trad scoring? Wreath itself-2 pts, inside circle-4 pts, and an 8 point center. If it was done in black and white, I think it would look good. If it was in color, green wreath, white inner circle, and a red inner circle. Or maybe gold? Red apple?  Of course this are only my ideas. The pictures of the shooters are there for all to see. I designed a period target face, 60 cms, around a double headed eagle. It looks good. I believe there is a copy at Jos. de la Tours house. If he would care to send a copy of it on to Sir Jon, I would be pleased. Maybe it will be of interest. Thank you All. YIS, Abner de Plunkett. Archer and Crossbowman. West Kingdom.                 

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