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Re: Working with fibreglass shafting

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  • The Greys
    OK, a little clean up here. Logs - By that I mean a combat arrow is a fiberglass shaft with a Baldar blunt and an APD on the back end taped 40 ways to Sunday
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      OK, a little "clean up" here.

      Logs - By that I mean a combat arrow is a fiberglass shaft with a Baldar blunt and an APD on the back end taped 40 ways to Sunday with fiberglass strapping tape. I'm all about the safety requiring this but the net result is s shaft what weights considerably more than a target shaft. Then CAs are limited to a 30 pound draw weight for handbows. So CAs shoot very heavy shafts from an under powered bow. Not complaining here 'cuz I understand the absolute need for safety, just saying. That is one reason my lady and I switched to crossbows in our CA days. A bit more power but most importantly, we could stand there all day long waiting for the heavy to get tired of holding his shield up, then shoot him!

      William is absolutely correct. As my lady says "Combat Archery is the biggest high you will have without using street drugs." That may be a bit rough but it is true. Also, not every heavy is a curmudgeon and out to whack revenge on every archer they encounter. Some have honor and simply tap an archer, usually on the helm and say "Archer you are dead". But having talked with many knights and heavy fighters, they really do hate archers and many of them are looking to "even the score" when they get a chance to take one out.

      Now as for exaggerating, nope. True renditions of battle experiences. As for not being favorable to CA or talking it down to new folks interested, hardly. In fact in my area I have offered to be a training marshal for the discipline. Can we be honest here? Most "field generals" have no clue how to effectively use archers in a battle. To quote my former knight, "We'll go over there and kill people". Great for a heavy, not so good for an archer. Again from my former CA days, my lady and I fought with a house hold that practiced group tactics. We would stand inside their group and they would point out targets. We would step outside the group and kill the target. When a heavy tried to run us down we would simply run back inside the group. SCA rules of engagement said a heavy had to engage any heavy that was between the attacker and the archer. Thus the best field method for a combat archer is two archers and one shield man. One archer does not fire until the other is loaded and ready to go. This way a shaft is always ready to be launched. My lady and I practiced this method and it served us quite well on the battle field.

      So I still say, if you have never tried combat archery and think it might be fun, give it a go. It really is GREAT fun. I just choose to spend my archery time on the target range these days.


      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, Hugh <hugh@...> wrote:
      > On 11/10/2011 10:18 AM, Bill Tait wrote:
      > > Shooting these "logs" out of a 30 pound (maximum draw weight for a
      > > handbow) really is not terribly effective. Crossbow bolts tend to
      > > windmill too.
      > Could you describe these "logs" please.
      > Things like diameter and material of the shaft and how the tip is
      > constructed.
      > Hugh Prescott
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