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Re: [SCA-Archery] Wood arrows, suppliers/vendors.

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  • Guy Taylor
    Ahh, I have been outed. Thank you, Njall!   I do make wood arrows perfectly suited for SCA target archery. I have basic prices starting at $70 for a dozen
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      Ahh, I have been outed.
      Thank you, Njall!
      I do make wood arrows perfectly suited for SCA target archery. I have basic prices starting at $70 for a dozen arrows and getting more expensive as the level of art increases. I don't really have any set styles as the balance of what I do is purely custom work to the archer's needs and desires. I do plastic nocks and also self nocks (horn reinforced or thread wrapped for reinforcement).
      I only work with wood or bamboo shafts and use real feathers. If an archer has a mundane need for carbon arrows with vanes I will not be able to assist.
      All my arrows come to the archer ready to shoot with no added cost for cutting to length or afixing points. Shipping is an extra cost and it is charged at the actual shipping cost. I find USPS Priority Mail to be quick, reasonable, and reliable.
      The link below my signature goes to the Greenman Archery blog where samples of my work may be seen by scrolling thorugh the pages. I stand ready to answer questions or assist in any way I may.
      Thank you,  Guy
      Greenman Archery

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      Subject: Re: [SCA-Archery] Wood arrows, suppliers/vendors.
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      Date: Tuesday, September 6, 2011, 2:14 PM

      I would suggest contacting Guy Taylor (mundane Name) in Caid or there abouts (Al or Karl perhaps you have his current contact info). He makes custome arrows and for the work done I think he was very resonable. I'm sure he would also be a great resource on the topic and suppliers.

      I've tried about a half-dozen suppliers and vendors during the four years I've been in the SCA. For a while, I had bought custom made arrows from an archery shop in Albany, NY (65 miles away), but they recently switched to only compound bows, etc. I'm learning to make my own basic self-nock arrows, especially to use at practices or for events where I'm sure to lose a few in the woods. But since I haven't evolved enough patience yet to consistently make my own, I mainly shoot arrows I buy. Here are two suppliers I have purchased good or better quality wood arrows from. Each offers the standard plastic nocks, turkey fletchings and field points.

      -- Howard Hill Archery (howardhillarchery.com) -- Moderate to expensive. Very high quality, offers all of these, except, I think, self-nock. This has become my main vendor, when I can afford it. Howard Hill closely matches the arrows by spine and weight, and offers goose fletchings and custom crestings.
      -- All Wood Arrows (allwoodarrows.com) -- Inexpensive to moderate, quality to match. Good for practice and general use, especially for novices.

      Lord T'mas na Ui Naill na Boghdoireacht
      East Kingdom, Shire of Glenn Linn

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