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Re: Opposing Archer Eliminations???

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  • hawken1911
    Thanks for all the ideas everyone! Hawken
    Message 1 of 10 , Jul 2 3:22 AM
      Thanks for all the ideas everyone!


      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "James W" <jameswolfden@...> wrote:
      > I have done the balloon popping using four balloons on the same target face. Two balloons are red and two balloons are blue. The Red Archer tries to pop the two blue balloons before the Blue Archer pops the two red balloons. And, of course, if you pop your own colour, well, shame on you. The double balloon helps minimize the double kill syndrome where both archers pop their opponents balloon on the first arrow.
      > A variation of this without the speed aspect is to put up two shields on the butt. One shield is white with a black chief and the other shield is black with a white chief. Each archer shoots three arrows a their designated colour. The White Archer scores all arrows that hit White (either on his shield or the white chief on the black shield). The Black Archer scores all arrows that hit Black. Highest count moves on. Ties reshoot.
      > As a head to head, you can do a closest to the mark with each archer shooting two arrows. The one closest the mark wins but do a best 2/3 to help take care of the lucky shot.
      > We have done the paper plate shoot where everyone writes their name on a paper plate. All the archers line up and shoot one arrow at whichever plate they want so it is not really a head to head. Everyone who had a plate hit is eliminated. Depending on how many people are shooting at one time, the best archer in the group may find three or four arrows in his plate as everyone tries to eliminate him. This is actually a fun shoot for the low to mid range archers as they often find themselves surviving into the latter rounds whereas the good archers are eliminated quickly.
      > Instead of eliminating the archer, you can also eliminate arrows. Shoot at a simple roundel. Archers start with six arrows. All arrows that miss are eliminated from play. Change distance or roundel size. When an archer no longer has arrows, he is eliminated. When you are down to two archers, you can continue or just go to most arrows in the roundel wins.
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