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Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Crown Tournament

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  • Edward deWitt
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      purely for a "what if " thought game.....
      I would make crown tourney a 2 day event instead of a one day event.
      or spread the " preliminary rounds " out over several events.
      then , add  such things as a combat archery round, a spear round, a chess round, and a dance / bardic round,great sword round, single sword round. all of which everyone attempting to win crown would have to participate in , to qualify for the final sword and board rounds to become king.
      this would show that any prospective king , was proficient in many weapons styles, could think under stress, and was a well rounded individual.
      this could also be used to set up the initial pairings, the higher you scored in the preliminary rounds the later you get placed in the sword an board line rounds. so someone doing badly at c/a,dance,chess,spear ( for example ) could expect to be in the opening fight or close to it, but someone who did well at everything, wouldnt even start the sword and board rounds till like the bottom 25 % had already been removed from the list.
      if spread out over several events, across the kingdom, this would also show the person can afford the travel needed to be king .
      but spreading it out could over several events could also make it harder for the populace to afford to go to all of the " crown tourney rounds " .
      ( note: I didn't add a siege or equestrian round because not everyone has access to those items on a regular basis to practice. )
      ( second note : % and placement positions would have to be adjusted by the chiv./ crown , but it should be done on a fair basis every time, or even set by the bod if needed. )
      Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .
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      I can remember years ago attending a crown tourney in Caid where they had to show profiency in several art forms.  They even had the top two contestants play a game of chess after fighting to show they could do it....  cant remember who won just that they were both slow as they were dripping in sweat and had a hard time thinking..... It was high in the mountains too...  I think that Tressa was Queen then...AS XX something...
      John Bor Ox
      House Little Falls
      East Kingdom out of Caid
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      "In the convent all the knights lived for three years of apprenticeship during which they would have learned the basics of mathematics, geometry, cosmography, history, geography, and land and naval tactics, besides which they would have been trained in gymnastic, wrestling, swimming, fencing, and the use of the crossbow, arc and portable fire weapons."

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    • John R. Edgerton
      I am considering modifying the crouch so the archer only has to crouch while aiming and releasing. They may stand while nocking and drawing. Jon ... I am
      Message 47 of 47 , Apr 18, 2013
        I am considering modifying the crouch so the archer only has to crouch while aiming and releasing. They may stand while nocking and drawing.


        "lynn.palmieri" <lynn.palmieri@...> wrote:



        I like the challenge overall.  My only concern would be for those of us with damaged knees.  I personally am unable to crouch and hold that position to shoot.  Getting up and down of the ground is challenging, but doable, however it may depend on the state of the ground (i.e. fine dirt or mud vs. grass).  I know you said it would be the marshal’s choice, but these two options may need to be used as last resorts?  Just my $0.02.



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        Here is my latest addition to the possible SSAC shoots. Your comments will be greatly appreciated. 


        Thank you 





        Random Stance Competition

        (Draft 4/18/13)

        The Random Stance Competition is shot from six different stances which are chosen at random by the marshal in charge from a predetermined set of stances. By “stances”, it is meant either standing, kneeling, sitting, etc. The purpose of this competition is to test the ability of archers to shoot from different stances.

        The “stances” are:

        1)    Standing. 

        2)    Kneeling, on one or both knees.

        3)    Sitting, posterior on ground.

        4)    Parthian, back toward the target and toes pointed away from target, rotate torso and shoot back over your shoulder.

        5)    Crouching, both knees bent at approximately a ninety degree angle.

        6)    Twister, feet pointing the opposite way they normally would (a right handed archer’s feet would point left). 

        The bow should not be drawn until the archer is facing the target.

        If an archer, due to a disability or injury, can not assume a stance, they may assume one of the other stances which is most similar to it with the approval of the marshal. At the decision of the marshal in charge of the competition, the archers may shoot one at a time or as groups depending upon the number of archers.

        The distance is 20 yards.

        Ends. There six ends of six arrows, each shot from a different stance, six arrows from each stance. The marshal in charge randomly draws a stance from a container of the six stances, announces the stance and then removes that stance from the container. This is repeated for each end. The arrows are scored at the finish of each end.

         Target. The roundel target is the same as a Period IKAC target, a 6cm (2.4”) peg, 24cm (9.6”) roundel, with a 60cm (23.6”) outer circle. The peg, roundel and circle may be of any contrasting colors.

        Additional period style decoration may be added to the target as long as it does not make aiming or scoring difficult. Such decoration is strongly encouraged, but not required.

        For those who wish to stop by a print shop, here is a PDF designed for large format printers with the target face pre-drawn.

         Scoring. The peg is five points, the roundel is three points and the circle is one point. Arrows touching the line count as the higher score. There is a maximum possible score of 180 points.

         Youth division. The distance for the youth division is fifteen yards.

        Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf

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