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IKAC - Final 2010 Results and New Rules for 2011 Season (long)

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  • Andre Detommaso
    Greetings from Lorenzo il Confuso, Keeper of the IKAC The FINAL results for Season XXXI of the IKAC (2010) are as follows (*)= earns medallion): Open Bow
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2011
      Greetings from Lorenzo il Confuso, Keeper of the IKAC

      The FINAL results for Season XXXI of the IKAC (2010) are as follows (*)= earns medallion):

      Open Bow Division
      1. An Tir(*): 270.67; Balinor: 282; Daffyd de Doake: 277; Alis Inghean Ruaidhri: 253.
      2. Atlantia (*): 242.33; Nuala of Needwood Forest: 255; Geoffrey of Needwood Forest: 239; Timothy of Shaftesbury: 233.
      3. East: 239.33; Rupert the Unbalanced: 288; Ygraine of Kellswood: 246; Louisa of Carolingia: 184
      4. Trimaris: 235; Jochi Batu: 242; Guenhwyvar: 236; Aesa Bogsveigir: 227.
      5. Ansteorra: 234.33; Samuel ap Dewi: 289; Cian Rhys Gravenor: 230; Dona verch Dewi: 184.
      6. Lochac: 227.33; Sigmund Spellman: 240; Darius J’Fa: 225; Madog Llwyd ap Madog: 217.
      7. Outlands: 206.33; William Hawke: 252; Mika Longbow: 196; Rothin in Flamska: 171.
      8. Atenveldt: Johan of Hawksley: 194; Catlyn O’ Sullyvan: 191; Alaxandar Mac Donnaidh: 186.
      9. West: 185.33: Sveinn Ulfsson: 197; Eric Ralston: 184; Joseph de la Tour: 175;
      10. Glenn Abhann: 177.67; Kolr Bogsveigir: 226; Neill Gray: 167; Thomas Fletcher: 140.
      11. Middle: 142.33; Uilliam of Argyll: 157; Jason of Winged Hills: 142; Kuro Ookami: 128.
      12. Meridies: 123; Ronan MacMorton: 189; Konr MacAlpein: 119; William Brewer: 61.
      13. Drachenwald: 105.33; Pol oBriain: 148; Conrad zer Rueben: 103; Tapio Toivanpoika: 65;

      Period Bow Division
      1. An Tir(*): 209.33; Alaricus Simmonds: 252; Tristan de Ver: 192; Daffyd de Doake: 184.
      2. Lochac: 152; Darius J’Fa: 162; Szebastian Greenbow: 156; Madog Llwyd ap Madog: 138.
      3. Drachenwald: 142; Rakonczay Gergely: 172; Pol OBriain: 164; Eldgrimir Jonsson: 90.
      4. Outlands: 139.33: Wolfgang vom Schwarzwald: 154; Ailinn Shadowfox: 134; Patrick of the Quiet Woods: 130;
      5. Ansteorra: 118; Samuel ap Dewi: 216; Vincenti da Murano: 86; Leonard of Namron: 52.
      6. Atenveldt: 96.67; Johan of Hawksley: 114; Philippos the Skeptic: 96; Giuliana Francesca Bellini: 80;
      7. Atlantia (no average); Godai Katsunaga: 132; Barre fitzRobert of York: 58.
      8. East (no average); Ygraine of Kellswood: 202;
      9. West(no average): Joseph de la Tour: 192;
      10. Meridies(no average): Ronan MacMorton: 174;
      11. Middle(no average); James Cunningham: 104.

      Open Crossbow Division
      1. Atlantia(*): 316.33; Gregge the Archer: 322; Jonathas Reinisch: 320; Karl von Konigsberg: 307.
      2. An Tir: 264; David of Tiriane: 289; John Macandrew: 269; John de Percy: 234.
      3. Ansteorra: 257; Samuel ap Dewi: 266; Cian Rhys Gravenor: 257; Padriac of Kilkenny: 248.
      4. Outlands: 254; Mika Longbow: 314; Daffyd of Emmet: 249; Stephan Sorenson: 199.
      5. Atenveldt: 194; Bran Padrig of Antrim: 255; Johan of Hawksley: 173; Deletha of Anandyrdale: 154.
      6. Middle(no average): Erik Erikson the Scout: 233.
      7. East(no average): Ygraine of Kellswood: 182.

      Period Crossbow Division
      1. Atlantia(*): 329.33: Valgard av Mors: 352; Gregge the Archer: 324; Jonathas Reinisch: 312.
      2. An Tir: 288; David of Tiriane: 362; Daffyd de Doake: 252; John de Percy: 250.
      3. Ansteorra: 278; Cian Rhys Gravenor: 292; Samuel ap Dewi: 290; Padriac of Kilkenny: 252.
      4. Outlands: 265.33; Mika Longbow: 340; Dafydd of Emmet: 260; Stephan Sorenson: 196.
      5. East: 247.33; Li Kung Lo: 260; Alexandre Saint Pierre: 252; Max Gunn: 230.
      6. Atenveldt: 188; Bran Padraig of Antrim: 246; Steffen von der Grun: 176; Tibor the Indecisive: 142.

      Combat IKAC Division (IKCAC)
      1. An Tir(*): 295.33; Deicyn Moel: 331; Lahela bint Shammah: 280; Aonghus of Barra: 275.
      2. Ansteorra: 214.33; Samuel ap Dewi: 241; Cian Rhys Gravenor: 219; Facon du Pray: 183;
      3. Middle(no average): Erik Erikson the Scout:200; James Cunningham: 153.

      Children Division
      1. Lochac(*): 88.33; Alec McDuncan: 191; Jane Rose: 47; Kelly of Bacchus Wood: 27.
      2. East: 35.67; Holden de Berwic: 65; Caylie:30; Colette de Berwic: 12.
      3. West(no average): Garrett Brooks: 52;
      4. Atlantia(no average): Klaus: 36;
      5. An Tir(no average): Nickolas de Charree: 7;
      6. Drachenwald(no average): Jamie of Harperlstane: 1;

      Youth Division
      1. An Tir(*)128: Fiona of Wyewood: 188; Andrew McClaire: 100; Leif of Dragons Laire: 96;
      2. East: 71.33; Elijah:76; Celine de Berwic: 71; Noah of Stonemarche: 67;
      3. Lochac: 52; Sam of Mordenvale: 67; Emmaline Castille: 52; Finnian of River Haven: 37;
      4. Ansteorra(no average); Thomas ap Dewi: 193(*); Aunna Sloan: 59;
      5. Atlantia(no average): AJ Giannuzzi): 149;
      6. Atenveldt(no average): Brandon of Twin Moons: 131.

      Keeper’s Award:
      Wulfwyn (An Tir) (*)
      Ygraine of Kellswood (East) (*)

      NOTE1: An additional medallion will be awarded to Thomas Ap Dewi, from Ansteorra, for several reasons, among which is noted excellence this year, and recognition that should have been deserved last year. My Deputy for Youth Divisions, Lord Osmond, will give more details in a forthcoming note

      NOTE2: There will be only one rule change this year, but it is significant and it pertains to the younger divisions. We will be adding one division, called the Yeoman Division. This Division will be open to archers from 11-15 years old. It will shoot in the 20-30-40 range, same as the Adult divisions. The new Yeoman Division has several purposes: it will allow younger archers to progress past the Youth division for a couple more years before having to shoot with the adults, if they so choose. Most importantly, it will allow us to keep the Children and Youth divisions as formative divisions, meant for getting young people started and interested in archery, and competing with other beginners. If an archer does particularly well in the Children or Youth Division, they will be placed in the Yeoman division the next year, regardless of age, so that they can compete with other children of similar more advanced skills for a while longer before having to compete
      against the adults. The score in the Yeoman Division is still limited to 200. However, a young archer who scores consistently high in the Yeoman division, given that it is being shot at the adult ranges, will be placed the following year in the adult divisions, at the discretion of the Keeper and his Deputy. The new rules will be posted on the website shortly, and the forms will be modified accordingly as soon as possible. As Deputy for the Youth Divisions, Lord Osmond will manage this new division. Feel free to direct your questions on this to either one of us, and we’ll make sure to get back to you right away. Once again, the new rules page will spell the exact rules and will be posted on the website very shortly.

      NOTE3: I would like to thank all the archers who participated and all the marshals who set up IKAC/IKCAC shoots and helped for another great year. A very special thank you to my Deputy, Lord Osmond of Berwic, for his tremendous efforts throughout the year, and to Baron Jonathas, who continues to support us not just with the website, but in countless other ways. This year’s Keeper’s Award goes to Wulfwyn of An Tir, and to Ygraine of Kellswood of East. Both Ladies have been tremendous supporters of the IKAC and of Archery in their Kingdom and in the Society, their contributions too many to list here, but it’s their service to the IKAC and the archers who shoot in it that I would like to note specifically and for which I am most grateful. Thank you so much to you both.

      Once again, thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s competition and congratulations to all of you, winners and participants alike. The medallions for the winners will be available at the end of the month, please contact me around that time. The new season has now started, we’ll have a couple of extra goodies for you all that we’ll unveil mid-season. Meanwhile, shoot well!!

      Best regards,

      - Lorenzo


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