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Source for interesting bodkins

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  • jrosswebb1@webtv.net
    Good Gentles: I ve been in correspondence with these people in England (message below) and they produce several bodkins and broadheads and their prices seem
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2000
      Good Gentles:
      I've been in correspondence with these people in England (message below)
      and they produce several bodkins and broadheads and their prices seem
      fair. I don't like making them myself anymore, and was looking for other
      sources. They seem like nice enough fellows, have any of you had
      experience with them?
         Message From: archery-centre@... (Tom Foy) Date: Tue,
      Jun 27, 2000, 11:23pm (EDT+5) To: Subject: Re: Arrowheads and other
      nifty sharp pointy things.
      Dear Mr Webb,
      Many thanks for your e-mail, and I must apologise to you for the delay
      in answering. We are swamped with orders, and I feel it is better to get
      orders off to customers instead of sitting in front of this grey monster
      all day!
      It was very interesting to read your letter, because all hunting with
      the bow is illegal in this country. Our Parliament did not even discuss
      it when they banned it, they just nodded it through.
      I am sorry, but I have never weighed our short bodkins. Archery has been
      nearly ruined in this country by people who want to weigh and measure
      everything, so I have deliberately not weighed them. Archers can shoot
      in lovely countryside, with the sun shining, and the birds singing, but
      they go home saying they have had a terrible day because they didn't get
      the score they wanted. So I don't weigh any of our heads, apart from the
      brass bullets.
      We have lots of short bodkins in stock, in both 5/16" and 11/32",
      because they are machine-made, but the medieval heads are hand-made and
      our blacksmith cannot keep up. I want you to realise that because they
      are hand-made they are crude and every one is a bit different to its
      fellows. There is a waiting time of about two weeks at present.
      We now sell more of these head to the U.S.A. than to any other country.
      We cannot accept cheques in Dollars because our bank charges us too much
      to change them. Our first sale in dollars made a profit of $3, and our
      bank charged us $8 to change it. We accept orders on Mastercard, Visa,
      and Barclaycard. We charge you in U.K.Pounds, but when your credit card
      company send you a Statement they will have changed it to U.S.Dollars.
      This is not a secure site, so if you do not want to send your details by
      e-mail you can fax them or phone them. Please allow for the time
      difference; I am very grumpy on the phone at 3am. The rate of exchange
      varies from day to day, but at present is about 1.46, so multiply our
      prices by this figure to get it in Dollars. We cannot tell you what our
      carriage charges will be until you tell us what you want. Then we get
      the order ready, weigh it, and work out the carriage charges.
      Glad you like our web-site, but I didn't do it, my son did. I was sorry
      to see the carrier pigeon go out.
      Tom Foy

      I submit this letter to you all as a possible informative source for
      re-enactment and period-style arrowheads,
      Respectfully submitted,
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